Infogrames Atari 85 in 1

I’ve seen this title listed around in couple different places (i.e. EB World), but but with no details:

“Infogrames Atari 85 in 1”

Does anyone have any idea what this might be? It has a November 2003 release date.

The joystick you plug into the TV that is loaded w/ atari games? They have one now but it’s not 85 games iirc.

I got an earlier version of this for $11.95.

It had Pitfall and about n other games.

I don’t remember what the n other games were.

Pitfall sucked. It was awesome. Best waste of $11.95 ever.

There doesn’t seem to be much info out there. About the only other thing I’ve been able to learn from the Web is that it’s also being referred to as “The 80 Classic Games.” This must be a bundling of Atari’s console games from the '80s, similar to the collections of 2600/VCS games that Activision released for Windows in the mid '90s–i.e. an emulator and a set of ROM images.