Infuriating Freelancer: WTF am I doing wrong?

I’m playing the VERY FIRST fucking mission in Freelancer. Some kind of escort. I CLICK on the FUCKING “trade lane ring” and I hit F3.

It then says “dock denied.”


This is the most infurating thing I’ve encountered in a game in a LONG time.

Was I supposed to get some kind of authorization before trying this mission?




Weird, check you mission goals and make sure you are at that stage of the mission. Maybe you haven’t completed the previous step.

If not then delete the character, make usre you have the most recent patch, and start the compaign over. (your at the begining after all) It is a fun game, honest, not great but good.

(btw why is the ‘fun’ word anathema on this board?) :)

aaarrrg Though I was loged in, my message above.

s/you/your/ sigh :roll:

Odds are you haven’t satisfied a certain mission goal and the game doesn’t want you to go rocketing off into the wild black yonder yet.

I know some jump gates are scripted to be “turned off” until you’ve done certain things in the single player game. Maybe you’re encoutering the same thing with tradelanes.


Thanks for the info guys.

I have a feeling though that the real culprit was the way I have my machine set up.

I usually log in to a “limited” account in XP.

When I logged on as an administrator, I was able to do it right away.

So I guess I have to be logged on as administrator.

I’m furious though that this caused game-feedback rather than some kind of application error.

That was me