Initial Attraction: Suddenly, I'm going for brains

It’s weird. With the last several women I’ve been really attracted to, the attraction wasn’t terribly lustful. I mean, I think they’re attractive, even beautiful, but my primary response wasn’t about how much I wanted them to get their tickets to ride the bone rollercoaster; it had something to do with who they were…

I still of course HAVE those feelings toward many women, but lately, not for the ones I really end up with feelings for.

I suppose I should say that these are not women I’m getting together with, but I’m sure that was obvious.

God, putting this out there makes me feel like a big loser: “I like some women for their personalities, ALSO think they’re pretty, but don’t date any of them. HURRR.”

So, um, yeah. Am I a freak? I’m not feeling very manly here, all of a sudden. Usually I’m too busy splitting logs with my shirt off to feel unmanly, but right now? Not so much.

Maybe it’s because the hot ones without brains run away screaming?


— Alan

So, he’s turning into a chick?

Is there some reason that EE suddenly turned into the Advice For The Lovelorn column? Can I blame Rogen for this?

It’s sweet. You guys are finally getting in touch with your inner feelings. I’m glad to be here to witness it, and to snicker softly from a safe distance.

DoomMunky: You’re going for brains because you’ve been bitten by a zombie and you’re beginning to turn. The only known cure is to shoot yourself in the head. REMEMBER! AIM FOR THE HEAD!

You can. All these threads are pale imitations of the original Attention: Whore thread.

Dammit! Those other relationship threads got me thinking that my internal dialogues were important, and then I went and posted about it! I fell into the trap!


Send more blind dates.

You Rogen-haters are just latching on to the newest iteration of the fad.

If you want to blame someone, blame extarbags.

Jeeze, I miss Gonegold as much as the next guy, but this is getting pretty ridiculous. You guys know about Octopus Overlords, right?


Grandpa, what’s a Gone Gold?

GG? OO? Wassat? Is there a better place for a cry for help?

Screw you guys. I’m taking my limerance and going home.

Isn’t IRC for all the drama?

Hey, if games can have 8 threads about the Current Hot Thing, EE can have 8 threads about the Current Emo Thing.

Raise the age limit.