Injured. Injured bad



Funny lot we have here at QT3. We can have a 9 page long thread on the penis but heaven forbid we post a link of some guy igniting his farts. Tell me, is there a QT3 manual available on what’s funny to post and what’s not?

Look, you already tried to push that link and nobody was interested. Trying to glue it onto another thread is just unprofessional.

Oh my bad. Maybe I should’ve posted it in that 9 page long penis thread instead?

One of the few rules I agree with Tom on. You cannot post pictures which are really gory, NSFW, etc. as people read QT3 from work or near their family. You also cannot post PENIS PENIS PENIS in huge bold letters. Just link to your shit instead and if anyone here gives a flying fuck, they’ll click on it.

Next thing you’ll have some really retarded question about MySQL and I’ll end up agreeing with chet. WTF?