Injustice 2 will boost your power, if you purchase it the right way

Injustice 2 will boost your power, if you purchase it the right way Injustice 2, the sequel to Injustice: The Gods Among Us, will continue the story of a Superman gone insane. In this universe, a grief-stricken Superman decides to up-end over 80 years of comic history by becoming a murderous tyrant. True to its dystopian premise, the game will have pre-order bonuses and alternate editions that offer a larger roster of fighters to savvy or richer buyers. NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have revealed that Darkseid, the DC Comics uber-baddie, will be available as a preorder bonus, and Reverse-Flash, Power Girl and John Stewart Green Lantern will be “premier” skins for The Flash, Supergirl, and Green Lantern if you pick up the more expensive Deluxe or Ultimate editions of the game. Comic nerds need not get upset by the flip from Supergirl to Power Girl. According to the developers, these premier skins include new voices, costumes, and dialogue, making them a bit more substantial than the normal fighting game color swap. The Deluxe edition of Injustice 2 will also give owners three planned DLC characters, and the Ultimate edition will grant access to nine future DLC characters. Excelsior! Injustice 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 16th.

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I’m usually put off by the relentlessly cynical tone with which this site reports news items but this one got me. This one got me. /applauds


If you’re competitive- often these full packages are required, especially if your system is used for tournies.

I don’t mind expansions- or season passes the way SFV did it, but preorder characters annoy the hell out of me.

Combine it with a dislike of NRS gameplay makes this an easy pass for me.


$100 for the full set of characters? Does that include the inevitable season pass or will that cost me a kidney as well?


Swamp Thing is in.


Swamp Thing’s inclusion is probably enough to get me to buy it, his move set also looks awesome.


did you just say Excelsior in a DC thread? my head just 'sploded

ST does look nice, reminds me of Glacius


Since when is giving a player a new character “boosting your power”?

That seems really disingenuous.


Often DLC characters in fighting games end up top tier.

KOFXIII was notorious for Team $15.

The genre in general has a lot of DLC revenue- it’s a very enthusiast genre where folks will pay hundreds (or in DOA’s case , thousands) on DLC.


Furries rejoice! Cheetah!


So this one is coming out very soon (basically tonight depending on where you live). The recent developer streams have shown off a nearly Diablo like gear/ loot progression including rarity, sets, and even transmogrification. This effects looks, stats, and even special ability load out for heroes. This can all be done in the usual ways or an extensive offline challenge mode with crazy tower-like challenges that rotate (including rewards) in and out of existence all the time. Some even seem to aim towards requiring different focused gear sets to complete. Or boss fights. It looks pretty crazy for a fighting game.

This leaves me at my usual dilemma of wanting some super hero beat 'em up action, but utterly unsure of whether my old gamer skills are up to the challenge.


This looks really neat, actually - any idea of if it’s good or not? I’d like to pre-order, but not if it’s a 6.5 kind of game.


On the gameplay side of things, it’s an NRS game. It’s not going to be that much different than MK or the first Injustice.

Expect a high amount of single-player content, and very questionable gameplay that revolves around mixups. At least the online should be good, as NRS joined the modern era of fighting game netcode with MKXL.

There’s another big fighting game release hitting June 2nd in Tekken 7, if you want a fighting game and are unsure, I’d wait for that to come out then pick the one you want. Both should have a lot of single-player content, and I’m going with Tekken myself.


I’m getting this on XB1. Even if I don’t get too into the multiplayer, MKX had a pretty good story mode (far better than the norm for fighting games) and would have been worth it to me just for that.

I’m excited for both this and the Marvel Infinite later this year.


Well, I’m no NRS vs Capcom vs Arksys vs whoever professional, but the general reception of beta gameplay and streamed footage is that Injustice 2 is a solid step up for NRS. I’ve never been able to play on any level that the high end combo strings or frame linking data would matter anyway. I expect this to get a pretty good popular reception and at least a short term high level reception.

The main issues in recent past were very questionable PC support and poor netcode. I don’t think it’s on PC, and netcode is supposed to be way better already with MKX XL. But if I play, it will likely be single player on PS4.

Oh, and NRS has really been bringing it for story mode (for a fighting game) on the last few games.


Thanks for the reply. The problem with Tekken is I’ve tried a few titles and never get into it nor the characters, where as (especally with Arrow, Flash, Legends, Supergirl, the various DC cartoons, and etc.) I know almost all these characters and that was a massive wave of appeal that hit me I didn’t expect. And the voice cast! Holy shit, it’s crazy. Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow and Neal McDonogh as … The Flash?! That’s pretty meta, now I think of it.

Side note, I see Steven Amelle did the voice for Green Arrow in the first Injustice, I’d have enjoyed his voice for this version, but I do love me some Alan Tudyk.

I pre-ordered it, fuck it. It looks fun, the loot stuff looks like a nice hook to keep me engaged in the story mode, and I can pull up a second chair and have the kids over for vs. mode.


I agree. It’s one thing to approach it as the newest release of the fighting game genre that I may or may not consume as weekly entertainment as an eSport. It’s a whole other ball of wax to see it as a comic book throw down. I don’t like fighting games as a rule. I don’t enjoy grinding out muscle memory in practice sessions. I’m too GD old for that nonsense. However, I can get into some Scarecrow or Joker going ham on an evil Superman or a sort of cool Aquaman complete with eye lasers or magic floor tentacles respectively. I almost started watching the Gotham series last night in anticipation. If Injustice 2 was stick figures duking it out, it would be a pass FOR SURE.

For which platform Scott? I might be willing to play a Qt3 king of the hill session as long as anyone that can actually string a combo gets shamed out of the room for having a semblance of competence by filthy old man casuals (aka me). If…If I can convince myself that I’m capable of enjoying the game at all.


Yep, sounds like we are in the same boat. Did you see Robert Englund is voicing the Scarecrow? Man, that’s awesome.

As for platform I’m going PS4. I saw in the little “everything you need to know about Injustice 2” video that there is some kind of … guild, thing? Maybe a Qt3 guild would be a thing we could collectively check out at some point?

EDIT - And the last time I was any good at fighting games (and this is just among my friends IRL, not like at a tournament or anything - I’m not buying like a fancy fighting stick for this or anything) was when it was a revlation that the Championship edition of SF2 allowed me to play as the bad guys, like Balrog (whom I loved).


I’m not clear on what all the guild features are. I was hoping for some kind of team mode or something in the “multiverse” gear stuff.

I keep telling myself how much I hate fighting games and that this will be a waste, but the theme pulls me. There is only one fighting game that I have really enjoyed in the last few years and it’s a far cry from this kind of fighting game. I expect I will cave by tonight.

Especially if I keep watching stuff like the following which is where I started to lock in to this Diablo gear system (go to about minute 11):

Oh the Robert Englund VO is pretty cool! I didn’t know that. It makes sense as there was a Freddy crossover in one of the Mortal Kombats not long ago.


Man, this is exactly me. Why did I buy this? But I think I’ll have fun with it - it may be time for me to think like high school me and actually try to learn some moves on my favorite characters and throw some Netflix on and just have fun playing vs. the computer and learning the characters. I suspect I’ll be able to get my money’s worth if I actualy apply myself.

I’m going to start watching that stream now!