Injustice 2 will boost your power, if you purchase it the right way


Pretty low I think- but Switch owners are going to get the next Blazblue (hope you like having Persona and RWBY chars in your Blazblue).


If anyone is interested- there’s a free Steam beta for this game the next three days- 1 vs 1 MP only.


I hate that they’re adding the Ninja Turtles.


I’m pretty meh on TMNT as well. They just got too goofy with all the movies and cartoons.




Nostalgia’s a hell of a drug. TMNT is what’s going to get me to play a little more Injustice 2 after I thought I was done with it.


I’d rather have Red X, Metamorpho, Jonah Hex, Lobo, Parasite, Black Mantis, General Zod, Agent Smith, Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne, Darth Maul, Lady Snowblood, Snake Eyes - anyone but TMNT


Black Mantis, who I assume you mean Black Manta, is in the game already as a DLC character.


Unless Jeff meant M.A.N.T.I.S., like the TV show guy.

Are the Endless in this game yet?


Currently 25% off on Greenman which is pretty good… but you don’t get the Darkseid character that is apparently a Steam exclusive. But he’s still somehow showing up at other key retailers. :/

edit: it appears GMG purchasers can get Darkseid by emailing WB support


Has anyone gotten this on PC? How is it? Loved the first one, but am hesitant to grab this if the port is bad. I don’t care how well multiplayer performs.


I don’t know for sure, but given the Steam reviews the port can’t be bad at all.


Not a huge mount of reviews yet, so kind of hard to say for sure.

EDIT - Lots of these reviews are claiming the port is excellent.


Yeah but it’s still downloading 44GB. :P

I’ll be able to say later on today after work. But as Scott says, the Steam outlook for a decent port is positive.


I caved and grabbed it. Couldn’t pass up the 25% off from GMG. Though since I’m in the middle of Assassin’s Creed Origins, I won’t be getting around to this for a few weeks.


Make sure you try get your Darkseid DLC from WB Support, as GMG don’t give you a key.

Week 1 Bonus! Purchase Injustice 2 by November 21st to fight as Darkseid for free!

There’s talk of that being Steam only, but other retailers have provided it and some GMG customers have reported success in getting a code from WB Support.


Played through the tutorial on PC:

  1. An inauspicious start as the game struggled to recognise my XB1 bluetooth controller properly. All the buttons were jumbled up. Eventually got it working by disconnecting/connecting a few times and futzing around in the settings for a while.

  2. It’s locked to max 60fps in combat, but drops to 30 during (in-engine) custcenes or ‘clash’ gameplay. Annoying.

  3. My computer is coasting at half mast running the thing, but there are still these occasional massive performance drops where things grind to a halt for a second. I changed to Borderless mode, which the tooltip suggests provides superior performance, and have yet to experience a repeat - so fingers crossed on that!

  4. I noticed some occasional interference from the mouse in menus. Like the in-game mouse pointer was invisible but still pointing to an option, so pressing ‘A’ selected that rather than the option the controller was currently highlighting.


I am loving this on PC. Very, very next-gen looking and the story is top notch. Glad I sprung for the digital special fancy edition!


Anyone else see the trailer for The Atom? It did the impossible and made me want this game.


I snagged this for $20 on PS4 during Black Friday weekend to play with the boys on Christmas. Looking forward to it.


I picked this up on the PC. I am hopelessly terrible, but I like it better than the recent Mortal Kombat games. Do we have a PC guild?