Injustice 2 will boost your power, if you purchase it the right way


As someone who has had this as his primary competitive genre for 20 years, this is exactly right- and this is why I avoid certain games. It’s something that requires more specialized dedication than any other genre, though if you can do it, the reward is immense.



Ugh. That is a lot of cold water. And it rings true. Decisions, decisions…


If you want an easy fighting game- pick SF5. Soul Calibur if it comes back is usually easy, though the last installment was much harder.

Virtua Fighter is considered one of the hardest, but it’s actually pretty easy also. Koihime Enbu on Steam is pretty easy as well.

Medium difficulty is King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown if that comes back.

Just about everything else I’d categorize as hard.

I tend to look at difficulty as how easy it is for someone to be put in a “know this or be able to do this or get killed every time” type of situation. A big thing easier fighting games have is difficulty taking advantage after knockdowns (which is called okizeme). Games with strong oki tend to be more difficult, as are games with difficult execution.

SF5 has the best combination of low execution and weak okizeme to be newbie-friendly, though some experienced players tend to dislike the game for those reasons and a lack of variety in characters.


Look, maybe I’m burnt out and aged out of the whole fighting game scene but I played a ton of classic fighting games and practically grew up in arcades. I don’t get how any of these fighting games can sustain single player campaign/modes for more than a couple of playthroughs.


No. I won’t touch any of those. I have less than zero interest in fighting games as a genre. I tried to get into SF IV and bounced so hard off of it that traditional fighters are done for me forever. I enjoyed them as a youth. Either they changed, or I did. Probably both.

Theme and the lure of an actual progression system via loot and the multiverse are the only things drawing me in here.


Do what I’m doing and watch some “tutorial” type videos and see how the concepts “feel” from there.

EDIT - Man, this guy really digs into frames, a concept I am incredibly uninterested in. But then, I’m mostly going to enjoy playing on an easier difficulty level and enjoying the story and doing vs. against my kids, who don’t know a thing about frames, either. I mostly am looking for someone to explain things like using the bar to power up attacks, a concept I am incredibly interested in.


Where’s the cheapest place to get this for PC?


Is it out for PC? I didn’t see an option on Amazon nor on Steam.

EDIT: It seems like it might come in a few months to PC, given that’s the path the first game took.


Oh fuck not at all eh? After Netherregions botched the MKX DLC for over a year past console release I guess this wasn’t a big surprise.


I just saw a video that has a direct quote from Ed Boon - it’s coming to PC, just not right away, so hang tight and you’ll be covered. Hopefully it will be a good port - I’d rather go PC except that makes it tougher to play VS with the kids, so PS4 works well for me.


MKX they released with the console versions I recall. But they fell from
parity because the PC version never got the XL DLC until over a year later.


The actual PC version before XL had issues too. There was a lot of hate about the PC port. I would advise caution when considering the PC option.

I watched that tutorial. Of course I say this without a controller in my hand but…that looks doable.

Side question: Looking at the Injustice 2 roster, which DC show would be a good one to check out? I saw Arrow, Flash, and Gotham on Netflix and I have not watched any of them.


The Flash has probably more of those characters than anything, followed by Arrow.

off the top of my head:

Flash - The Flash, Gorilla Grodd, Kid Flash, Fire Storm*, Captain Cold, Reverse Flash, Vixen
Arrow - Green Arrow, Black Canary, Deadshot,
Supergirl - Supergirl, Superman

*Also Legends of Tomorrow


Oh, I missed Supergirl and Legends. And I am starting to understand more why Injustice has the cast that it does.

Follow up question…which is the best (quality) and or best one to start with? Looking at the list, I am thinking about giving Flash a go.

Also, yeah, I probably am going to go ahead and get Injustice 2. Collecting Underoos sets while firing eye beams and frost breath is just too tempting to pass up.


I like all of those shows, and I feel like they are all worth watching. Arrow is probably my favorite, though I think I’m in the minority there.

That being said, and from your posts I’ve been reading today, I think you want to start The Flash if you only start one show. It hits the ground running with the character being the Flash right away (in the pilot) and has the most “comic book” feel of all the shows. It has heart, it doesn’t take itself too seriously (but it doesn’t shy away from the hard stories, either), and the cast is a damned delight. Just watch the pilot, I bet you’ll agree it’s right where you want to be while you wait for Injustice 2.

I myself am reading the events from the Injustice comic series and man, what a great but super dark story! Incredible stuff though, so far. I just finished Year One, which I think is 4 more years before I even get to the events of the first game?


I see what you did there… =)

While I have never seen the actual comic series, in one of the NRS streams they said that the content alternates. So comic, game 1, comic, game 2. Or something like that.

So. I am weak. I went ahead and pre-ordered the Ultimate version on PS4. It won’t let me download anything besides the extra stuff for the ultimate edition though. Shouldn’t I be able to pre-load at this point? I want to be ready so that I can tinker with it before bed time which is my god given right as a resident of the west coast!

Also, my PSN tag is Chaplin717. I dont think I have your contact Scott.


It isn’t. The only place NRS PC was popular was Russia. (Russia loves Mortal Kombat)

Nearly every other fighting game series now does PC ports promptly. SF5 and Tekken are having simultaneous release, Arcsys is bad with Blazblue, but Guilty Gear is now down to a 1-2 week delay for PC.
SNK is putting KOFXIV on PC really soon.

The downside of PC is you get smaller competitive communities. SF5 has crossplay which negates that, but Capcom is giving up on Crossplay.

BTW be very wary of Marvel Infinite. I expect that one to be terrible. It looks bad, and they might be dumbing down the gameplay a bit too much (special moves might be two buttons, and it looks like they’ve experimented with this with SF5’s latest horrible DLC character)


Cool, I’ll spin up the PS4 at some point here today or tomorrow when my copy arrives and add you.

I see reviews came out over night, and it’s getting darn good reviews so far. The general sentiment seems to be 5 or so hours of single player story (nice), lots of single player and offline gameplay options (also welcome) for when you complete the story, and a ton of content in general all packed into the game. Reviewers seem pleased with the changes from Injustice’s fighting systems, though I didn’t grab what was different I can imagine some of the items (like a much faster walking speed and being able to “meter burn” for moves and escapes and not just for powering up your combos) would be very welcome, indeed.


‘Dumbed down’ was a complaint you heard a lot about MvC3 before it was released also.

Anyone play Injustice 2 online yet? Pretty much all I ask for in a fighting game these days is a good online experience. It always gets promised, but rarely gets delivered.