Injustice 2 will boost your power, if you purchase it the right way


Clark Kent’s face looks off to me. Like, I think he looks like Michael from GTA V.


He is in the PSN shop. I can’t see the price as it shows purchased for me. If it’s like MKX, then he is $5, but free as a pre-order.


Challenge mode is not a tutorial. This one actually teaches you stuff.


After some more play, the chase is real and the rabbit hole is deep on the MMO like content. I was completing daily quests for some loot boxes, then unlocked the multiverse by doing its tutorial and…oh my. So many choices. Go for the epic Wonder Woman item? Wait what is a regen token thing? Oh, that one expires in two hours? Oh wait there is a platinum mother box over in this tower. What, the, there is a horde mode like infinite tower with I am not sure what that even is…

Yeah, this has a ton to do even as an offline scrub. And it’s fun.

Besides the chasing, I’ve had a fair number of “wow, that was cool” random stuff happen in fights. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are a lot of neat little touches that just happen.


SF5 has demonstration which is a character tutorial- though a pretty weak one and not documented at all (though Sf5 does give a FM reward for viewing it, and it’s a quest that pops up on some weeks)

the best tutorial of all-time was VF4 with VF5 a close 2nd, gives both a deep general system tutorial and command training.


How do you do this with him? I just mash buttons and would like to figure stuff out. My PS4 ID is below if any of you would like to friend me for this game:


Have a question though. I think the game looks worse than Injustice 1. Is this because they designed it more for HDR 10 and my tv doesn’t support that? Because it is really drab.


Check the general tutorial (which uses Batman) and the character specific tutorial. It should explain it.


Hero power is the circle button by default. I’m not sure how Batman’s modes on the Batarangs worked off of it though. I had him when I went through the tutorial and it walked me through it, but as I haven’t played him, I forgot. It might be as simple as circle button to summon, then circle again to launch them. Once they are circling, I think they are a shield already, but you might need to do something. Overall, his hero thing is pretty simple as his meter is basically a timer on summoning the Batarangs.

Really drab? Memory is always high resolution?? I am not sure what to say here. I just reinstalled Injustice Gods Among Us over the weekend. Injustice 2 looks a LOT better. Frankly, beyond just the comparison, it looks pretty darn good. I was just in awe over the broken down carnival level last night as the lighting is really cool. I have an OG Ps4 and 2009 era tech on my LCD TV.


I did too! It’s a horrowshow. Look at this comparison:


if anyone on XB1 wants to spar sometime let me know. I tend to play characters that suck and I’m not great either ;)


I still have original too. I will have to do quick by quick comparison.

Maybe it’s my tv, I’ll have to see. It’s a low quality plasma and the gridding effect is really bad. Maybe my tv has lost a lot of its contrast since its older. Or something is off. Telefrog what kind of scene were you in when you took those? Maybe I was tired, but I don’t remember seeing the sheen and lighting like that in mine.


The older image is off-screen while the newer one is from a direct capture, so ignore the lighting and fuzziness. The thing to pay attention to is the quality of the models. IJ1 Wonder Woman looks like a deformed freak.


Injustice 1

Injustice 2

When I watch footage of the first game it looks like a last-gen game to me. The new one has incredible lighting, animation, and lots of nice effects all going on. The first one doesn’t look bad or anything, but I can’t imagine anyone thinking the second game not looking vastly improved over the first.

@jpinard How does other games and TV fare on your TV? Sometimes when TV’s start to go out (and Plasma TV’s are famously bad about doing this as they older) the picture quality drops very slowly and you don’t notice because it’s the same TV you look at every day and the decline is very gradual.

EDIT - Doing some light research, it sounds like Plasma TV’s do get dimmer as they age, as well.


So. Ummm. How about some guild based cooperative boss fights in your fighting game?




Looking at some YouTube of VF4 tutorials, they do look pretty good. I also think there is a new king in town. Injustice 2 does all of what I saw and more. It’s an amazing tutorial system and maybe why I’m enjoying this fighting game as much as I am. My main hurdle (besides being middle aged) is pure memory as it is a fire hose of mechanics, instances, and execution to remember.

That said, I am a middle aged gamer, and it’s one thing to see these tutorials and a whole different beast to actually use them in a fight. Still, in my case, it is going a long ways in tamping down frustration as I can at least see what is happening to me rather than just feeling like the AI is god mode or cheating or something. It’s a subtle, but important difference.

Tip to those that are picking this up: Do the main tutorial off of the main menu. It covers a lot and defaults to Batman. Then go play your chosen character to learn in the practice mode to look up some moves and combo strings and just play around. THEN go back to the tutorial and select “character” at the bottom of the generic topic list. This will take you to a select screen and will walk you though videos, tactical reasoning, and execution of things only your character can do. Don’t forget about either the general or the character tutorial sections as you will likely need to go back to refresh certain things (“wait, how do I clash again…”) and can pick which refresher you want. As a bonus, you get a goodie box for each character tutorial you go through.

Also, unlock multiverse (via its tutorial) if you are ever wavering on your interest as an offline, non-competitive player. There is a treasure trove of Diablo like goodness there.


Stupid question time :)

How long do you think it is going to take to unlock lots of alternate skins? In the first one we had all those cool alternate characters - the dark ones were really fun, and I had no clue it was going to be like this. I have Best Buy gamers club and had saved up my last gift card so I didn’t have to spend much to get this. But yikes, if my nieces and nephew weren’t so geeked to play I’d probably sell it. First week of Summer break they’re coming for a week and I’m looking at this going ughhh. We just wanted to play with 30 different characters in a ton of new environments. During Christmas break as we played the first one and MKX we kept drifting to talking about this sequel and what amazing things were in store. I’ve played a bit, but grinding to unlock stuff is just not fun. Do unlock’s come much slower if you play on Easy?

So please? tell me they unlock really fast for someone who can’t remember commands and mashes buttons LOL. :) :) :)

Is there a nice set of PDF’s somewhere I can print out that would list all commands for maybe just one character? Not having to constantly pause to scroll through multiple screens and find commands would be great. I found this which I can cut, paste, and trim up, but it’ll be a lot of pages, not be very neat.

I was really hoping the entire cast of Teen Titans Go would be in there, but I only see Robin and Cyborg. Do you think the rest of the cast will be included later? I love that show and it quite literally helps keep me sane in the hospital.
Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy are my favorite Marvel characters. I feel like an idiot not looking at the cast before hand. I just figured they’d be in the game or DLC.


Well, this game doesn’t really have “skins”. It has a few, the premiere ones like Reverse Flash and such. They take some source crystal grinding to get. Or source crystals are the one currency that you can buy with real money if you want.

But that is sort of missing the point. Injustice 2’s big thing is the gear and shaders. This is loot with levels and stats that drop in game or via in game boxes. This is the Diablo like chase. It’s actually pretty neat and helps get into a hero as YOUR hero. Premiere skins can’t have gear, they just are, so they are actually kinda meh. When you start getting into it, the dress up hero Barbie thing is way more cool than boring ol’ skins. IMO.

As to speed, there are definitely slower and faster ways. Do the daily quests. First is worth a bronze box, second a silver, and third a gold. Story mode gets you some nice level 20 elite stuff, but you won’t be able to use it for a bit. Multiverse is really good for loot. Easy is fine-ish. But the harder difficulty you can handle the more multiverses you can tackle. I am about medium AI and have lots of multiverse loot.

I don’t know about a print out, but once you look at a few characters you will see patterns. Basically everyone has abilities tied to back forward, down back, or down forward with X, Square, or Triangle. Also they all tend to have basic combos of square, square, triangle or square, square, X. Just that pool of commands will get you pretty far on all characters.

Nobody really knows who else is coming besides the first pack of Red Hood, Sub Zero, and Starfire. :) Beast Boy was mentioned in a line during story mode, so judging by Injustice 1, he seem likely as a DLC for later. Silhouette speculation has Black Manta and Raiden as possible DLC also.

I was meh on a lot of the injustice 2 cast. I didn’t know a lot of them. Having gone through much of the story and playing as most of them by now…I actually really like the cast.


There aren’t really traditional alts in the game. That’s been split up along pieces of gear that you collect. This set of pieces make a “Brightest Day” look, here’s some “Flashpoint” parts, and so on. Combined with the shaders, your heroes can be significantly personalized. Fast? Eh, collecting all that stuff is the thrust of the game.

There are some specialized shaders that recast the entire character like a traditional alt. Mr Freeze, Power Girl, Reverse Flash are some examples of characters appearing this way. A number of them are included with the game’s Ultimate Edition pack. That pack also comes with all the DLC characters – among the first of which has been announced to include Starfire.

If you find a nice command list site, let us know. I’d like to get one of those too.


Thanks for taking the time to write all that out. Awesome!

I’ll be curious to hear their reaction to it. When time is limited building a character isn’t a good option but maybe the customization will be super fun for them. After all, we also play the Sims a lot too.