Injustice 2 will boost your power, if you purchase it the right way


You really do rack it up fairly fast in multiverse. If nothing else…do the regen token one every time it comes up and try to use your ultimate (full meter L2 plus R2) as the finishing blow while not dying each match to maximize score (final score effects box count). Look at your daily quests before this and try to do that stuff in match too. For just a few minutes of play time you will earn 3 to 6 boxes plus a regen token (very good to stockpile them). That is roughly up to 27 gear/shades/abilities plus a regen.

FYI, loot is tied to level when you get it, so no reason to bank boxes. It is however good to level heroes as much as you can before getting a pile of boxes. You get a fair number of levels across many characters by doing story mode. So, it’s a good idea to play story first (but still do the regen token multiverse each day or whenever it comes up as it’s timed-- I see it every night though). Plus, the story is top tier for a fighting game.

Really. I suppose it’s possible to not get into building up your heroes, but give it a whirl. You might be surprised how much fun you are having watching them grow while going for boss challenge multiverses for that epic piece-- now that you know where to look. I find it pretty neat now that I’m tinkering in multiverse.

Edit: oh and if you just want random fights with different looks, you can select random gear in one of the versus menus. This will randomly kit out each fighter at select.


I finally finished the multiverse tutorial but I cannot seem to beat the final character in each multiverse setting. Any tips on this? I was hoping when I lost and hit retry it’d be a bit easier but I’m just getting pummeled. They’re so fast and block or sounder me so easily.

The story mode is fantastic. The writing and movie elements are so much fun. I did have to lower it to easy difficulty as I could not get past the second story fight on medium.

When equipment options come up from those boxes and your forced to choose, do you just always got for the most expensive one?

Do we have a guild? Or you have a suggestion for one?

Also, I thought I’d be able to use say Blue Beetle’s leg pieces on Wonder Woman ie. Able to mix and match everything you find in the game, but I can’t figure out how. Did I misinterpret this too?


Some of the multiverse towers allow you to pick a difficulty, but I think most don’t. I want to say the Battle Simulator ones do. Give that a try until you’ve built up your skills.

Also, you can have the AI play for you. Each character, in addition to having 5 or 6 custom gear layouts, has 2 AI loadouts. This is a set of gear, but also a set of 6 statistics describing how your custom AI should fight. Rushdown describes their tendency to close in and brawl, Combo describes their capacity to pull long combos, and so on. You can experiment with all that stuff in the Multiplayer | AI Battle Simulator area.

Anyway, those AIs are also available for use in the Multiverse. When picking your character, hit the button for costume selection and go to one of the AI loadouts. And then the bot will play for you. You might learn some stuff from watching it play!

Gear statistics are more complex than just price, a la Diablo. There are 4 statistics, possible ability augments, and possible gear set bonuses. Price is the only one that has no bearing on gameplay. You’ll need to pay attention to how you build your character to guide your gear selections.

Gear drops for a particular character.


you aren’t being forced to choose anything, you open a box, you get what is in it.

Gear is per hero, you can’t wear WW’s panties on Supes…


Ok now I’m very confused. So I was doing something last night where 3 options would pop up and I could select one of the 3. Are you saying I was inheriting all of them? I spent like an hour carefully selecting which one I wanted.


Just went in game and I have a lot o fo stuff! Man I feel dumb, cannot believe spent all that time painstakingly making tough decisions about which piece I wanted when I was getting all 3 of them right along. LOL


I thought the same thing my first couple times too.


So this game is the bar to clear for other fighting games that are not just about competitive fighting. There is so much to do and some fun social hooks to do it in. As such, I made a guild. I am not sure how much momentum is here so I named it more generically to hopefully attract like minded folks.

Guild is: Old Gamers vs Multiverse

I just made it and it is currently open to anyone level 5 and up (which you need to join a guild anyway). I’m going to get some lunch, then will get some multiverse momentum going.

We are currently at the starting Multiverse “Restore Peace.” It starts off a bit rough with some yellow difficulty multiverses. It looks like “Sacrifice” is the one to start on as a 5 fight Multiverse. If that gets beaten 40 times by the guild, then an easier, but longer event opens up. There are also guild trophies with a lot of achievement type stuff to work on. Or even a boss fight 3v1 if folks want to take that on. Oh, we also have a daily quest to do online matches (just online, not against the guild) and a weekly quest to use 750 interactables (so go ham on the R1 when in your multiverses).

Of course, any regular multiverse, online matches, or pretty much anything really contributes towards the guild progression.

So, @Scott_Lufkin, I’ll see you in November 2019 when Amazon gets you your copy. The rest, jump on in. :)


Cool Chappy I’ll join later tonight! I am liking the game more and more as I play. I sure wish they had more environments. I’d settle for, ohhh just 40 more destructible multi-tier places to rumble hahaha. They are so fun.


Good deal @jpinard. I really can’t underscore how much fighting games have turned me off the last decade or so. I keep buying them and keep putting them aside very quickly. Besides the import series Gundam Versus, I don’t think I have really dug into one since Soul Caliber on the Dreamcast.

But Injustice 2 is working for me. The story is entertaining. The multiverses are a rabbit hole of loot chase. Leveling up new dudes is a hoot. I just got my first set piece loot today, so I need to track down more pieces. I have loot that ups my experience if I don’t jump, so I am using that to level up fast to be able to tackle more multiverses. I was tinkering earlier with AI teams to send them off to level on their own and gather loot while I sleep. Guild progression is interesting. It’s all just…cool.

And beyond that, the characters themselves are way more interesting than most fighting games. Sure, it’s comic stuff. However, the hero traits really sets each fighter apart from others. I was messing with the Flash who has super speed which lets him slow down the opponent for awhile as he keeps moving in real time. Wonder Woman has a buff that calls on the favor of one of 5 randomly chosen gods. The god she verbally calls to causes a piece of her outfit to glow which effects moves associated may it be lasso grabs, bracer blocks, or boots gaining air dash. The heroes are all so different. A new hero FEELS new. They are more than a collection of half circles or directional taps. And I can enjoy them in a compelling environment that doesn’t demand playing 20 something reflexes online.


it’s just letting you inspect what you got. I didn’t see anything that indicated you were choosing.


I would kill for a Street Fighter game with this much to do. I love the characters and the art of Street Fighter so much more than anything this game (or the Mortal Kombat series) has going on, and I miss the familiarity of the Street Fighter move sets. But in every other aspect—speaking as a very casual fighting game enthusiast that’s mostly playing solo—Injustice 2 destroys almost every other fighting game I’ve had experience with. So many modes, tutorials, character tutorials, gear, upgrades, and a big ole’ cinematic story mode. It’s almost bittersweet to have such a great game reminding me how lacking the IP I prefer is in this regard.


Yeah, that’s definitely how I feel. I really don’t like NRS games much, but I’d love to see a SF game with this sort of stuff.


Does anyone have a lot of customization loot yet? I’m curious how it looks. I don’t love the underlying character designs for the Injustice series—everyone looks all bulked up with clunky generic space armor like they just stepped out of an Unreal Tournament match. So far several of the early common pieces I’ve picked up are just slight variations on that aesthetic, i.e. do you want Green Lantern to look like a space marine with paudrons shaped like triangles, or pauldrons shaped like slightly different triangles?

Is there much variety in any of the rarer loot? Are there more premier skins to be unlocked in the game, or are they saving that for DLC? I’d love to see variety like all the skins that were available for Arkham Knight.


I have a ton of stuff. some is minor, some is pretty major.


Now that I finished the story I’m having a tough ie. way slower time getting loot or leveling up characters. What is the fastest way to do this for someone who sucks? I thought about trying some online ranked matches thinking maybe that’s the best way, but I’m not sure it would be any better than losing in Multiverse and ending up 0-30 (I don’t really care how low I’m ranked). I have some neat loot pieces that are level 20 for 4 characters but that seems like a very long way off.


It depends on the character. Some, like Batman or Superman, have mostly different types of armor that fairly subtle. Others have vast variation. Legs and arms tend to be sort of on the “meh” end, but chest, head, weapon, and signature all can carry a lot of differences. Mix this up with shaders, and there is a lot of very significant cosmetic variety.

Premium skins are the mostly lame part. They are like an old school skin and can’t be changed. I don’t see the point of them unless you are just super into Vixen or Power Girl or something.

As to the rarity, if you’ve played Diablo, you will be at home. Rare doesn’t really mean that an item is rare. It means it has more modifiers on it for its level than a common item. More so with epic, but epic pieces sometimes have special augments beyond just stats. Some epics are gear sets. When opening boxes, they go up in item count per box and seem to have better chances at higher level loot (epics, shaders, icons, special abilities, and so on).


Multiverse. Multiverse will shower you in gear between completion rewards, score bonuses, and random reward gear gained. Make sure you are not picking ones that have yellow bars, a red bar, or a skull. There should be some two bar blue ones available most of the time (this is not true on the current guild ones). The two blue bar ones should be very manageable with just basic three button mashing (look at the top few rows of your characters combo skill list) or special spam. They attack pretty rarely really. Three blue bars is also really doable. Yellow and up is when you start to need to know fighter fundamentals. And remember, I’m old man fighter scrub in these games.

If you really want to go down to easy mode, you can send your AI loadout character into the endless event on AI battle simulator multiverse. It’s always available, and even an AI hero with zero gear can get several fights in. As such you should be able to reliably pull at least a bronze box (and whatever else drops) for letting the AI fight itself for a few minutes. Other multiverses are much more lucrative though.

Yesterday I was getting really good loot in the guild multiverse event. Besides the usual rewards, it was throwing really good stuff at me between rounds and seemed much more focused on the character I was playing. But I needed a descently geared hero that I was comfortable with in order to make much progress as it’s a 4 bar yellow. And the guild thing itself is really daunting with as few people as we have. I am hoping more joined today.


So who are people focusing on leveling up? I haven’t fully decided on characters yet, though it’s looking like Supergirl, Blue Beetle, and Swamp Thing. Sort of tempted by Darkseid…


Scarecrow is my highest. I like his looks, trait mechanics, and moves. However he has huge openings that beg punishment. This is especially true of his only way of dealing with zoning, which is a problem because zoning is so big in this game that I now know what it is as a fighting game archetype.

I have played around with several heroes and that is frankly my goal at this point. Just tinker. See what basic stuff they do and learn each hero trait. As a bonus, I accrue less level 1 loot.

So far I’ve enjoyed Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Atrocidus. I didn’t really care for Batman, Superman, or Canary as their hero trait is functional, but a bit traditional special move-y. That said, the variety is pretty intense. I love the sure variety in this game. The trait thing (which folks that love Capcom over NRS are perhaps not aware of) really gives flavor to these characters way beyond what I have experienced in other fighters. Playing a new character is so much more than just seeing what their half circles and directional taps do and how they link.