Injustice 2 will boost your power, if you purchase it the right way


Yeah they do a good job with character differentiation but it still pales next to Guilty Gear or BlazBlue, the characters in those are so different it’s a bit off putting.


Losing 10x in a row on final enemy of basic multiverse challenge is infuriating. And with my best level 11 person. On to try for 11th time. Ahhhhh so close! What is worrying is I’m not sure if I try this a hundred more times if I would actually pull it off. I’m Batman and twice I was within ~15-20% of finishing off Black Canary.

Btw I have a question, for picking costume pieces, if I am horrible at blocking, should I be skipping anything with defense values attached to it and just got for offensive abilties even if the number value is less (that’s what I’ve been doing)? Keep in mind I am illiterate button masher and really don’t understand how these capabilities effect my characters except I assume strength is more punch power and ability relates to your superability power. I thought maybe defense was your block capability.

I also wonder if I redo story at medium level instead of easy, if I will level up my characters more too? Wa sthiniibg of choosing different people this time around when I have the option.


I picked Swampy, and though I don’t regret it yet he’s very hard to use. You have to work really hard to get anything at all done and it’s frustrating when a supes or bats comes along and does a simple long combo and 60% is gone. Not writing him off yet, but he’s hard to execute moves, most normals and specials are slow and unsafe. it’s tough

Played him for several hours in ranked tonight. two stream archives


defense makes you take less damage per hit, if you are bad at blocking you want more of that and more hp.


Fantastic thank you!

So on try 23 from above I finally won it. Oh my aching wrists. I also then managed to pull off completing 3 more little events inside the planet things. I haven’t completed a whole planet multiverse event but I’ll be happy if I can just get a couple of inside them done per day.

@chaplin I tried the guild multiverse event. HA! I didn’t even get the enemies health down halfway before he took me out each time. I hope they add some easier ones in there sometime. I’ll keep checking and trying stuff.


We get a new rotation for the week tonight I think. I got us about half through our 750 interactables, but alas, no go. I saw you picked up some guild points for your efforts. Well done.

20 tries on a blue event? Something seems off. Next time we are both on, let’s do party chat with share and I’ll walk through some stuff. There should definitely be some low hanging fruit on each multiverse rotation. Usually I pick at that. Although one “low hanging fruit” (Slow Death I think) was anything but as even though the difficulty was low, the modifiers made it so that I hurt myself if I did anything. Jump? Take damage. Use an ability? Take damage. Move, jump, duck, or use a special…take damage. It was frustrating as heck, but I did it by abusing strength gear (boosts standard attacks) and Scarecrow’s heroic trait (damage over time aura).

Tonight was the first time I finished off a whole planet. It was the launch event “Omega” that focuses on Darkseid for some epic gear. It actually was realatively easy minus the “One God” boss fight. Finishing a planet gives some really nice rewards as long as you are mindful of the quests (hit triangle in the planet menu). Man, when writing stuff like that, I find it hard to believe that I’m talking about a fighting game.


I’ve seen the epic gear for completing a planet and have been salivating.

The event I was on had an electrified surface. So every 5 seconds or so the entire floor would zap and freeze whoever was touching it. I was using Batman as my character since hes the highest. The level was 5 or 10? and the AI level was 3.

I’m also replaying the campaign on medium difficulty hoping it helps get me stuff but it appears to be a waste except when I use the characters I didn’t use the first time around.

@chapin What character did you use to finish off Omega planet and what level was he/she?


That electric floor sounds rough. I had “Bizzaro World” the other day where the fight was upside down (characters at the top of the screen and inputs reversed). There is no lack of content to be found here.

I suspect replaying the story is mostly just reversing your champion of choice during the first run. However, I would not be surprised if one or a few of the last choices offered a different ending. Either way, there is achievement bait for replaying it with alternate choices. Do you still get level 20 epics and source crystals on your second run? That would be worth it alone.

You don’t have a choice for Omega. Like a lot of the multiverses it is a sort of side story. In it you are Darkseid destroying all to prove he is the One God. As such you have to play Darkseid. He was level 1 when I started, he was level 12 when I finished (but I had gear on him the boosted exp if I didn’t jump).

A lot of multiverses are for level “any” (1-20). When you do these, the AI will be your level. As such the only way to gain an edge is through gear or planning for the matchup. On the flip side they won’t out level you. A lot of the multiverses keep me from finishing as they either have high difficultly events, or they require a X level plus. Seeing as I have few leveled characters (out of a cast of 30), my options and gear is limited so far.


Not sure if this made sense, but my Batman was level 11, but the AI level was 3 bars out of 5. Not a literal level 3. So the AI characters were matching my level. And therein is the problem. I can manage the AI with 2 out of 5 bars OK as long as it doesn’t have an obscene level difference like level 20. The AI is slower and doesn’t use as many powers. But the jump to 3 out of 5 bars to complete the stack of enemies to win that set - that is really hard. I always start super strong for like the first couple matches, but by the final 1 I’m in trouble. Can’t imagine 4 or 5 out of 5 AI competency unless they were all stuck at level 1 outfits heh.

Something very interesting I’ve found (I think). When I start hitting buttons before actions can be taken or during a pause, the AI knows how to nullify the action I’m trying to take. If I am trying to pull off a supermove and I telegraph it before the action can take place either because I can’t do it, or it’s a momentary pause, the AI will always block/avoid it. The same goes for a low attack or high attack. If I’m mashing the low kick when I can’t do anything, the AI character will easily jump to avoid when the action continues in a way I never see during a match. So mashing the same button during inactivity might tell the AI what you’re going to do making it easier for it to block or avoid? Although, maybe all actions have some kind of visual telegraphy and they’re too subtle for me to notice.

Also wanted to let you know that when I think I’m going to lose, I just go all bonkers on destructible environment stuff. I’d assume the guild gets credit for that when I do single player non-guild missions? I always do it a lot in each match anyways, but it becomes my sole reason of being when I think I can’t make up the gap.

Oh one question. I finally set up AI team. Is loot unavailable if they’re using it? I didn’t think so, but I used 3 characters I don’t like because I don’t understand what this system is for or the restrictions on it. So go beat up my level 1 trio of idiots LOL.


So…I actually watched some YouTube tutorial with actual pen and notepad in hand as I paused and replayed bits over and over. I am not that dude. What the hell is happening?!

I also got my first level 20 hero last night and equipped some strength and defense focused epics that I had saved up. Afterwards, I found some of the mid to harder multiverses a lot easier.

#111 spent so long figuring this out I’d rather not admit it.


Back in the good ol’ days of last week, pretty much anything I read, watched, or listened to about fighting games was in seemingly bizarre code speak.

I kid you not when I say I plan to go home and figure out how to transition the metered DB1 with a B3 as that is the central point of Scarecrow’s combos. And I keep missing the frame link.

[reads again what I just typed]
“What the hell is happening!”


Awesome! Enjoy. :)

(Enjoy looking up frame data to figure out what moves are + or - on block, and how that affects your combos and pressure.)


I’ve talked that way for almost 30 years! scary.

Streaming me practicing in ranked Injustice 2 for a tourney on friday.
all four links should be same content, but some people prefer different sources.


So - I bought this game, and after initially losing two times in a row, throwing down the controller and uninstalling the game, I went back to it, and kinda want to play this more! I played a few sessions of single player, until I lost against superman in the prison, but now am trying out the practice mode, as prepration for MULTIVERSE, which I see as the real meat, right?

Anyways - I kinda like it, and I now how to hit someone! Only, when I play say, Wonder Woman, and I see her shield toss is <- square -> and I do this - well…nothing happens! I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t really figure it out.

So, help me please Qt3! You are my only hope! Thanks!

oh - and I’d love to be in your guild, but I have no idea how one gains levels?


Try doing more of a <–…-->square

Sure join the guild. Really anything to do helps. Right now we just need folks to do multiverses, any multiverse will do. It doesn’t have to be a guild one.

Speaking of which, there has been some really low hanging fruit today that grants diamond boxes (worth a good 2 to 4 epics) or out right epics.



Starfire looks pretty cool. I’m still waiting for a character to “grab” me in this one. I like Robin’s play, but he’s such a wank I don’t like playing him much. Still hoping I get into this game, but I fear it’s going to wind up in the “wasted 60 bucks” column. Still, perhaps one of the DLC characters will get me excited about it!


Bizarro thrown in there all mamby pamby