Injustice 2 will boost your power, if you purchase it the right way


@chaplin - I wanted to thank you again for the time you took to help me learn the game and many complexities I never would have figured out. I’ve been insanely busy, the past 2 weeks I have appointments every day as I try to get my health in order. This continues through the next few weeks leaving me very, very tired. That being said I hope to get back into the game big time as things slow down, and I’m super excited because I will finally have Starfire to play with. Maybe we’ll get Beast Boy, and then it would be awesome if we got alts of the entire cast of Teen Titans Go! that are goofy and fun.


Played some of Starfire during the free demo week for her and she I super fun! In fact, I think Starfire might just be the character that gets me to really dig into Injustice. Now I’m just debating if I want to buy her or try to hold out for a sale on the entire DLC pack.

Hellboy seems like a fun crossover addition as well. Cool to have him in there.


No problem! It was fun. I tinkered for awhile after you left and got lots of gear and felt comfortable with a few characters. I have not played it (or any games really) in the last few months. Red Hood was pretty meh, but I want to go back and check out the others. Injustice 2 got me into mechanics and super hero beat down more than any other fighter in a very long time.

Does anyone know if Scarecrow ever got a bump?


Looks like Scarecrow is unchanged.


Has there been any news on when/if this is coming to PC?


I would imagine Warner Bro. is pretty gunshy about porting things to the PC these days, after the Moral Kombat fiasco. In other words, no news yet.


Nope- given how hostile the PC crowd is towards NRS outside of Russia I’ll be surprised if they put much effort into a PC port.

Generally PC ports do about 15% of PS4 ports. SF5 and Tekken both scored around 15%.


Guilds announced


this confuses me since guilds were in the game since launch…


I also am confused, but that’s pretty normal for me.


I didn’t see anything new in that video. Presumably, they just decided to start promoting the guild features.


Weird. They made a big deal out of the announcement. Maybe it’s just a feature the devs feel is underutilized?


To be clear, I AM one of the devs. I’m not directly connected to the kinds of decisions that go into this kind of video, but I don’t know of any new features that have gone in pertaining to guilds.




WB confirmed this is coming on PC via Steam and Windows Store later this year. Steam open beta starts on 25th October.

Port by QLOC. They did the PC version of Mortal Kombat XL.


Should be a good port, but game will die on PC hard. NRS has a bad reputation on there still, this port took too long to come out, and the game is already dying competitively. Only place it will do well is Russia, Russians love their Mortal Kombat games.

In the rest of the world- Arcsys’s two games when they come out are what folks are waiting for (the first one for DBZ, the second for Persona and RWBY)


Sigh…the open beta has been delayed. No mention of when it will come.


I knew it was a good idea to hold off on the PS4 version for a while! Now … what are the chances of a Switch version too? It’s UE4 right? :)


Pretty low I think- but Switch owners are going to get the next Blazblue (hope you like having Persona and RWBY chars in your Blazblue).


If anyone is interested- there’s a free Steam beta for this game the next three days- 1 vs 1 MP only.