Insane 3D Zelda animation

The setup:

Well well well! Looks like our animations have reached more audiences than the one on IGN! And DOWNLOAD OF THE MONTH on Gametrash no less! (

Greetings, everyone. About a month or two late, yes, but I just found this site. I am one of the co-creators of the aforementioned Zelda animations (actually I composed the music, somebody else handled the actual Maya-created animation).

I’m actually quite disappointed that some of you didn’t jump to the right conclusion. First of all, the URLs in the first post of this thread link directly to my school’s webspace (note the .edu domain? Yeah; big tipoff).

Apparently slapping the DIC logo on a video in Premiere convinces the whole Zelda community that DIC is actually the one responsible for this. Let’s think this through, folks! Here’s the story.

About two years ago, a user on IGN named Joe Cracker started posting that he had a Zelda script. He was an idiot, and thought he was getting it made into a movie. I (Cellius_18 on the IGN Zelda board; yes I do exist there and post occasionally still, if you doubt), Sexualburgerking and another user Orquiox conspired to mislead this guy into ACTUALLY THINKING DIC had taken on the project. We researched the original Zelda cartoon and found the producer’s name, John Grusd. We created a fake Grusd email ([email protected]) and misled Joe Cracker for the better part of a year. It was quite fun. During this time we produced TWO ANIMATIONS to convince him that DIC was actually making progress.

The abysmal quality of the animations (yes you fools, we are capable of far better) was supposed to be a not-so-subtle hint to Cracker that he was being duped. He didn’t pick up on it. The dialogue is taken directly from his horrid “script,” and we did everything we could in the animations to show how much of a joke it was. LOOKS LIKE HE’S NOT THE ONLY PERSON WE FOOLED.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead, email the address that you see on Eian’s back in the second animation ([email protected]). Guaranteed one of us (Cellius, Sexualburgerking, or Orquiox) will reply. Or I suppose I could replace the links at the top of the page with bestiality porn, since it IS MY WEBSPACE YOU’VE HOTLINKED TO after all.

Of course, it is quite flattering to see that our project has migrated everywhere. I just can’t believe so many people took it so seriously!

The Videos:

Video 1

Video 2

My god in heaven. The door to wrong was opened.

And it wouldn’t be the internet without an internet petition.

Those videos were genius.

There … there are no words.


I love the part in the second video where the Zora fish thing with the dress on starts freak dancing/humping with the Triforce. Then, to top it all off, Tingle comes out of nowhere and spews confetti out of his mouth.

Wow, the picture of the script author says it all.

Dear Jesus… the second one drags a bit, but between the zoom-in on Link’s lazy eye and the completely inappropriate Triforce song ‘n’ dance bit, I can only offer hearty approval.

I imagine it was a lot of fun taking this poor idiot’s script and, uh, interpreting it for video.

This is one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen.

Everyone should really look into Joe Cracker (the guy who wrote the script). He’s absolutely hilarious.

Do a search for “The Unkown Creature”.