Inside a Google Data Center

I’m disappointed that there are no shots of the chocolate waterfall and lake or the Eggdicators.

Also, you can take a virtual tour:,-81.548671&spn=0.005945,0.012306&sll=35.900197,-81.547024&layer=c&cid=7373938251588581469&panoid=QJRzrgIKmN4uPQg7lmOGww&cbp=13,119.83,,0,3.72&gl=US&t=m&z=17&cbll=35.898621,-81.548447

Hey, that pic in the upper-right is just a screenshot from the old NT ‘Pipes’ screensaver…

Haha, it doesn’t work in IE10 unless you use the compat view.

Anyone know why there are bits of nascar cars in there? I would have expected Google to be more of an Indycar or F1 type of place.

Also, proof Google really is evil? They staff stormtroopers.

Cool! The server aisle looks straight out of an 80s scifi film.

It’s a datacenter in NC. NASCAR seems about right.