Insidious 3: Insidiouser (2015)

No comment.

— Alan

Every so often, you’ll get an Aliens.

…and when I say every so often, I mean hardly ever.

I don’t know which one looks worse. This, or the movie with the ridiculously evil doll, Anabelle.

These kinda movies just never stop…I can predict every beat of this story before I see it and I’ll be 99% right.

I can also predict that at some point I’ll see it anyway.

The Insidious series is actually a step above, though that is not saying much.

I actually thought it looked pretty good, but horror movies are my guilty pleasure. I easily watch about 5 or so a week. (and I still haven’t run out!). Granted, most are pretty terrible, but I watch them while I do work so I need brainless.

Although I don’t know that I’ll ever see Annabelle, the Washington Post had a pretty good article about how these movies may herald a resurgence of horror films in the industry, even outside of the traditional October-November horror window.

In brief: “Annabelle” was made with pocket-lint level of money by Hollywood standards, starred no one of any particular consequence, and yet has a vast amount of money, much of it overseas. Annabelle cost $6.5M to make and has to date made $166M. The Post feels that this will tempt more studios to make “traditional” horror movies, which is probably a good thing. I’ll take cheap scares like Annabelle over another Transformers film any day of the week.

Horror movies have long been considered a “safe” money-maker by studios. They don’t cost much to make and they typically make a decent profit. You’re not going to get summer blockbuster box office, but they usually don’t lose money if you time the release correctly and have even mediocre marketing. (The third Project Greenlight even talked about this.) And sure, I’d rather see an OK small-budget horror movie than Transformers 5 or whatever, but these recent PG-13 mass-market horror movies haven’t done much for me. They all seem squarely aimed at the tween Twitter set. (GIT OFFA MA LAWN!) I don’t particularly need gore, but with very few exceptions these PG-13 horror films have invoked more boredom than fear in my mind.

Even the first Insidious, which I thought had some really effective bits, got ultra-dumb and weak by the end. Ooh! Alt-rocker barista guy is the unspeakable evil? Phfft.

Miranda Otto will be in Anabelle 2.