Insidious propaganda machine(s)


A Russian “troll factory” in St Petersburg is working with the self-styled “Donetsk People’s Republic” in eastern Ukraine to produce extreme propaganda videos that aim to discredit pro-Ukrainian elements and stir up the conflict in the region

The amount of damage the St. Peterburg FSB group is doing is unreal. You don’t need much of a military when you can just parasitize gullible, ignorant, or racist people. All they need is a little nudge. Russia reminds me of this fungus where they invade via surreptitious means and help the country go in self-destructive paths. Their hackers and paid commentators are like mold spores, invading the world’s social media platforms and news agencies (the ones happy enough to rebroadcast their propaganda ala Breitbart, Alex Jones, and FoxNews).