Insomniac going multiplatform?

IGN is reporting so based on a “trusted source” at GDC:

Overheard at the Game Developers Conference: Insomniac Games has become a multiplatform developer. The company, best known for the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises, is allegedly creating cross-platform software for both PS3 and Xbox 360, according to a trusted source who spoke with IGN under the condition of anonymity.

Pretty awesome news if true.

That would be cool but I don’t see how that would matter now. They aren’t the superstar they once were.

Their PS3 games have all been incredible.

Their latest Ratchet & Clank game is one of the best games ever made. They must be doing something right that they weren’t doing before. This news doesn’t affect me, since I own all 3 platforms, but this is great news for folks who only own the 360, I think.

Sure, their games are really good but they aren’t the system sellers they once were.

Shrug. So what? The important thing for gamers is that the quality of their games has gone up, not how many 360s they help sell. Right? The latter should only matter to Microsoft.

It could be argued that their sales have suffered by being PS3 exclusive.

Exactly. This forum should have been abuzz by talk of just how good A Crack In Time was. Yet, since there aren’t as many PS3 owners on this forum, the game got drown out a bit this holiday season. If they really do go multiplatform, a couple of important things will happen:

  1. Exposure of their games to more gamers.
  2. Their first person shooters can then be played on a good controller.

Naaa I really doubt they will start porting to the pc.

When were they system sellers? The Spyro days? The R&C series has sold very well for a non-Mario platformer but it was never a huge blockbuster franchise.

I think back in the ps1 and for most of the ps2 days people bought those systems to play their games. They just seem like background noise these days on the ps3. I’m not sure if its sony’s fault oe what.

I don’t know either, but those saying the latest R&C is fantastic are absolutely correct. I think the 360 needs more games like that one, and Insomniac has been hurting their own bottom line by being PS3 exclusives, despite whatever kickbacks they get from Sony. That game should have sold a ton more copies, and I think a 360 version would have done quite well.

Keep in mind that R&C and Resistance are both Sony owned, so whatever Insomniac would do multiplatform would be a new franchise.

Good point. I’m still interested though. The resistance games are mediocre, IMO, but R&C shows some real talent. I’ll at least rent whatever they make, and if it’s good, I’ll buy it right away. In fact, I may just preorder it. That’s how great I think the latest R&C is.

I thought Sony owned Insomniac altogether. Not so? Sony is just a publisher? Then why was Insomniac so exclusive for so long?

Insomniac is an independent studio and a second party developer for Sony. So even though they have been an independent company they have made games exclusively for and published by Sony in the past.

Eh, I’d rather see them concentrate on one platform than branch out. Adding a platform either makes them bigger or makes them distracted. Neither is a particularly good thing. I’m all for 360 owners getting a taste of a little Ratchet and Clank but I’d rather have more games, not more platforms.

Besides, there’s no proof that games like R&C would even do well on the 360. Rare’s efforts actually point the opposite way.

Rare’s efforts haven’t been particularly like R&C that I can recall.

When asked what’s next, Brian Hastings, now chief creative officer, hinted at a new franchise for which Insomniac, and not Sony, would own the intellectual property.

“We want to keep on creating new things,” he said. “And we want to be able to control what we create.”