Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man

I need to give it another try. I’ve owned it for years, but it has such a non-compelling start. There’s all this action without context, you’re fighting bad guys, bam, bam, bam, swinging around in the city, which is brief but very cool, and then a whole lot of fighting and dialog. But no real narrative hook. Rocksteady’s Arkham games, I felt, did a much better job of being really intriguing and making you think about them and wanting to go back to them when you stopped playing.

Just start the story missions. It gets good pretty fast. I also recommend not fast travelling too much – it’s just too fun to swing through the city, and you get to learn it that way too.

As an aside, it’s the only game with Arkham Asylum-style combat where the system is actually justified. Due to Spider Sense, it makes sense that you can predict where shots will come from. The Batman fight system is actually a perfect reflection of Spider-man fighting, ironically.

Steam has this for $45, assuming it’s worth that price?

You can get it for $38.24 at greenmangaming. Green Man Gaming

I would say it’s worth it at either price. Bought it full price and quite enjoyed it.

Cool, thanks for the tip there, just bought the game.

How would that run on an older PC (i7 6700 w/DDR4 RAM) with a 3060 Ti? As well as Cyberpunk 2077, conceivably?

Stan’s appearance in the diner elicited a verbal, “Awwwww,” out of me. Great hearing his voice.

Probably better. In Cyberpunk 4K DLSS performance on ultra RT I get around 55fps, with the same settings in Miles I get locked 60 with GPU performance left over.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve played through most of Spidey proper on the PS4 Pro but am kind of stuck on the part of the prison riot mission where I’m obviously missing something.

The sequence begins where I have to zip up to the top of a vertical shaft and chase some kind of flying villain but somehow end up falling in the water (obviously where I’m missing some webslinging opportunity) while doing it and have to start from the beginning. Guess I need to learn the name of that villain to see if there’s a FAQ about that chase.

Might be Electro iirc.

I have the same specs and it ran like SHIT. The bottle neck is i7 6700, not 3060Ti. Even with DLSS it never hit consistent 60fps. More like consistently 40s

Are you mad about that? It’s a seven year old processor.

I’m running it on a Core i5 9600 with a 2080 at 34x14 with RTX, HDR, DLSS, etc. all enabled/maxed out for details and it runs great for me.

Maybe Soma has a 4K monitor.

Spider-man is known to be CPU limited in most cases. Turning off ray tracing can help.

No I’m not mad, but disappointing b/c this is last gen game. Turning off raytracing doesn’t help either.

That sounds right. Thing is, I tried that chase like five times and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong. By that time I’d obviously put in tens of hours into the game, so I would be familiar with all the mechanics, one would think.

Beat the main story earlier tonight, really enjoyed the game, but man did it borrow from Rocksteady’s Batman titles. Even the hallucinogenic sequence, straight from the 2nd Batman game.

The ending hit me in the feels though, especially the heart monitor scene.

Now you have to pick up the Miles Morales game. However be warned it is a much shorter game, so may want to wait for it to go on sale.

If you were ready for Spider-Man to end, I would say maybe wait on jumping into Miles Morales. I finished Spider-Man in 2019 and just wrapped up MM a few days ago and I feel like I could’ve given it another year or more to make it feel fresher. It’s very good but also more of the same.