Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man

Yeah. That’s bullshit. I think the sales numbers are being distorted due to a couple of factors:

  1. It’s seen as a PS5 game, or better on PS5, so people are waiting to play it on PS5.
  2. It’s more of a very large expansion than a true standalone game. That’s my biggest complaint with the game. It was too short! I loved it so much, but I’ve now got it to 100% and I did that in less than 30 hours.

This is a full game with as much content as any of the main sequence games in this series. (It’s actually my favorite of all of them.) I think it may have reused assets and was easier to develop than the others, and it certainly got marketed and reviewed as an expandalone, but it was pretty great.

It’s about half the length of Uncharted 4.

Never said it wasn’t good. But it definitely was a much smaller game (that’s what a lot of people liked about it!), and despite a good critical reception and cheaper price it clearly did not sell anywhere near as well as Uncharted 4. Wikipedia claims 15M vs 1M, though the source is a 50 minute YouTube video which I’m not about to listen to. But for a proxy measure, the Uncharted 4 thread here was 10x larger. It should not be surprising that the same applied to Spider-Man: MM.

I guess we can apply the forum post popularity metric for this case as well… The forum has no dedicated thread for Miles Morales, the discussion about the game happened in this main Spider-Man thread. Without looking back, can you guess how many posts there are about actually playing Miles Morales in this thread? Impressions, questions, story spoilers, whatever? Anything that is first hand information by the poster rather than linking to tweets, news articles, etc

Answer: None. If somebody on this forum played the game, they apparently did not write about it.

I played it, it was great.

I posted about playing it in the Game of the Month thread, along with my first impressions. I think it’s very much attached to PS5 ownership and will see its sales numbers increase as the number of PS5s in the wild goes up.

Will it ever match the base Spider-Man game? I very much doubt it. But I also don’t think it’s going to be an outright sales failure. Critical and fan reviews are glowing.

In general I wouldn’t recommend linking to that site or paying any attention to anything it writes. Its littered with sexism & misogyny. I suspect if I looked further I could find some racism and complete the set.

Hm. I’m clearly not communicating this well at all.

I am not saying the game is bad. Nor am I saying that the game is a sales failure despite selling less than the original game.

The point is that expandalones don’t usually sell anywhere near as well as the original game. Even when they’re really awesome and both the players and critics love them. Sony would have known this, and taken that into consideration when setting budgets and sales targets.

The original article’s claim about the game tanking is almost certainly wrong, because those numbers are great for an expandalone. The same goes for the article’s explanation about this being due to the game’s “politically-correct agenda”.

I mean they are saying Miles Morales has a PC agenda, what else could it be other than racism there.

Oh. Yes. I completely agree with everything you wrote.

And I also think CBR is horrid. There’s no “PC” agenda in MM. I guess they think there is because he’s a young African American / Puerto Rican man? But the plot is all about him wanting to do right by the people of his new home, Harlem, protecting them from the battle between a sinister corporation and a criminal faction.

Well, it was a single article and I was trying to give them to the benefit of the doubt since I had no prior knowledge of them. Compared to other articles and the owner’s twitter feed, that article is relatively mild. The comments are a joy to read as well.

It’s that he’s REPLACIGN WHITE PETER PARKER!!! rage rage rage

Personally I would love to pick it up for PS5, but I’m not onboard with the $10 price hike yet. 50 bucks for the expandalone or 70 for the full experience is more than I’m willing to pay.

Is the PS5 version more expensive than the PS4 one? That doesn’t make sense. You can buy the PS4 version of Miles and get the free upgrade to the PS5 version. That’s what I did, in fact. I downloaded the digital PS5 version from the PS store for free after having only purchased the digital PS4 version. I had played it on my PS4 Pro, then transferred my save game to the PS5 version once I had it installed. I was able to immediately start in New Game+ Mode. I thought it was hilarious how I was regranted all my trophies when the save transferred across.

@rrmorton But even that doesn’t make sense, because unlike Into the Spiderverse the original Peter Parker Spider-Man is still around and mentoring Miles. He’s an addition, not a replacement.

Yep. I don’t think logic factors into it.

If these yobbos want to boycott movies like Into the Spiderverse or games like Miles Morales, well, that is entirely their loss!

I think the Miles Morales piece has the racism covered. I’ve never been to the site before, but Google News showed me the headline and I clicked it to read the story.

There are a couple of Gamergate-style right wing inflected geek news that show up with some frquenxy in google news, trading mostly on name confusion. Cosmic Book News is one (I think getting hoping for confusion with CBR/Comic Book Resource). Bounding into Comics is another one.

Apparently Comicsgate was a thing.

This article came to me in Google news as well. I took a look at the article and hastily banned the source from my feed.

That’s the main reason I’m not viewing it as a potential purchase on my PS4. I plan to get a PS5 or PS5 Pro eventually, down the road, and Mile Morales sounds like it will look and play much better on it than a PS4, so why not wait?

Normally, I’d be all over supporting a release like Miles Morales though. One of the favorite features that’s not heralded enough in gaming: It’s a shorter game, and packs in lots of good stuff in a shorter time. I love supporting short games.

I’d also say that there are fewer annoying missions in MM than the original and more character development since they have Miles family, friends and neighborhood as a more prominent feature of the story.

Also the small improvement in environmental destruction is subtle, but welcome. Like a wall of glass or with tvs or something would shatter if you slam an enemy into it, stuff like that. It just makes those spaces feel more dynamic and less of a static set piece.