Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man

The DLC are okay, nothing fantastic but they do close some of the open storylines, Sable etc. Worth getting cheap and playing.

PC version confirmed? Booyah :)

Glad Miles is coming also this year.

I loved my time with Spider-Man on ps4. Not so much with Miles. I found his voice actor just too whiny. Every time his cell rang and he’d go, “Hey, Ganke!” was like nails on a chalkboard for me.

Good things come to those who wait, I guess. Next up: Ghost of Tsushima?

That’s good news! I only played the first few missions when it came out on PS4 but I always wanted to get back to it.


Missed the video…

yes yes yes yes yes
I love you Sony!

Someone at Sony has to have realized finally, that the PC is a viable game release source of revenue!!

Apparently the PlayStation games are at 33 million copies sold, wonder what PC will boost it to.

Is that standalone, or a big DLC?


I think Tsushima was in the Geforce Now leak that has proven prophetic, so odds look good?

I’d like to see Forbidden West but you’d think they’d try and keep a more recent title like that as a PS5 seller. But then Returnal, so who knows. It’s all good. Yay new Sony :)

It’s standalone. Smaller than the original but for me it was the right length for that experience. Kept me engaged the entire time without feeling like it was ever dragging itself out.

There are so many games that could get second life on PC…I mean yes I want Tsushima and TLOU 2, but I would also love to see PC 4K versions of PS3 games like Killzone 2 and 3 or Motorstorm 1 and 2…many PS3 games would still looks stellar even today, as evidenced by recent Digital Foundries showcasing the emulator work.

Sony thinks they’re going to be making 300 million with PC games this or next year, can’t remember, so, there’s going to be more games.

But probably more on the PS4 side, I assume the porting is much easier, the PS3 architecture means that porting isn’t going to be straightforward, even if the game would still be good.

I don’t see much money in their older stuff personally, other than maybe as a jumping off point for new full fat iterations, a la Deus Ex or Tomb Raider.

Has any straightforward remaster/re-release of a title from that era done well?

Hey Sony, I have a bunch of letters for you. Here goes: MAG PC or GTFO!

-Tom, only 30% kidding

From here:

On my 1080p monitor, I could probably get the highest preset. But I already own the game on PS4, they’re just trying to get me to buy it again.

And pre-ordered. CANNOT WAIT.