Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man

32 Jiggabytes!

I really want to know more about their Wolverine title.


…just kidding, you do what you want with your money :p

I am looking forward to Miles.

Why not? Just curious. I don’t really see the difference in pre-ordering a game vs. buying it day one, I guess. One reason I liked to pre-order was when I had funds put together I wanted to use to buy a specific game, pre-ordering it meant not being tempted to spend that money elsewhere and then not having the money on launch day. As I’ve gotten older that’s not really a thing anymore, I’m a lot less impulsive, but I still like the feeling of “locking in” a game I’m excited about so I can just dive in day one without any further steps needed.

On reddit I read all the time bitching whenever someone writes they preordered something

Personally I don’t care

I guess the logic goes “why reward companies before they actually deliver and we have confirmations they delivered”

But I also preorder when it makes sense (like there is a decent discount or something)

I usually don’t pre-order things anymore, but I know this game is the shit and have been excited about it forever.

Pre-ordering is kind of nutty unless they give you something with it that you can’t get otherwise. I’ve done it, but that’s the reason I have… whether that was a physical good, digital addition, or just the fact it costs less and I know I’ll play it on day one.

Digital pre-orders with none of the above though? You really ought to wait.

I’ve been thinking about this lately! There’s a sizeable difference between “how I like to do things” and “how things ought to be done.”

I think that’s key to a happy marriage… if you’re telling your spouse how to do something, is it because your way is actually somehow better or is it just your way? Maybe their way has benefits you hadn’t considered. It’s important to be aware of the difference so you (or they) can stfu sometimes.

Long ago, I got turned off to preordering anything by desperate Gamestop employees trying to upsell me. These days, I tend to wait for reviews/impressions and to decide if I really intend to play it on release day or if it can maybe wait a while, possibly for a sale.

But I don’t think there’s a surer thing than Spider-Man coming to PC. I suppose it could be a bad port somehow but that’s what returns are for!

With Nixxes’ track record, I wouldn’t be very worried about port quality, either.

So if I purchased Spiderman PS4 and want to play it on my PS5 - I don’t get a free upgrade to Spiderman Remastered? I.E. You can play Spiderman 4 on PS5 - you can pay for Spiderman Remastered on PS5 (full price) - or you can purchase Spiderman Morales (full price) which comes with Spiderman Remastered?

It sounds like there’s a $20 upgrade, that can take you from Spider-Man PS4 → Spider-Man Remastered on PS5. Or you can buy the full thing on PS5, as you say, which has both.

Also, if you want to “rent”, you can get one of the PS+ tiers which has the full game. I have PS+ Premium, and I noticed I have access to the full game. Only, I don’t have a PS5, so I can’t play it.

It doesn’t come with it. You can pay $20 from inside Miles Morales to get Spider-man remastered on PS5.

Especially with PC ports of console games, you really never know how buggy they will be, nor if they will be supported long enough to iron out the bugs.

But… Spiderman is big enough that the odds are good those won’t be issues in the long term.

So far Sony has very good track record. Funnily enough I’d say their PC ports are some of the best in the industry.

What a thing to say! Few years ago that would sound scifi.

Game is up on Greenmangaming with 18% off XP offer, I caved and pre-ordered through Greenmangaming.


I still own this on PS4, but haven’t played it yet. It will be interesting to go into it with this perspective in mind: one of Spider-Man as a tool of the Mass Surveillance State.

I guess I’ll have to read the review to figure out what they’re on about.

this is so weird

When Ley wrote this post, he’d only played the game for a few hours, so he didn’t know how much of a thematic throughline this aspect of Spider-Man would be. It’s not just a side mission or a throwaway gag (although there are plenty of gags in which Peter pretends to be a hardscrabble police veteran who calls himself “Spider-Cop”). Spider-Man works with the police throughout the entire game, and the cops’ widespread surveillance of the city is presented as a useful resource. Spider-Man isn’t a do-gooder kid from Queens helping out his community so much as a willing tool of the state. This was weird in 2018, and critics pointed it out at the time — then four more years went by, with even more public scrutiny and criticism of police forces in America. In 2022, Marvel’s Spider-Man feels even more out of touch with any real version of an American city."

The game is literally about you fighting a militarized police force. People really crawled up their own butts when they didn’t understand Spider-man was subverting the police surveillance system, not repairing it.