Insta-Thread: Should I buy RB1 for Wii NOW, or wait a month?

Okay, I’m looking at RB1 for Wii, and it’s looking good: all the hardware is compatible with RB2, and the only difference appears to be they’re wired, not wireless.

AND it’s only 109.99 at Best Buy right now, AND RB2 isn’t out for another month, AND it should only be $50.

Does this sound reasonable?

Help I want to ROCK (and I suppose I could always return it in 30 days and still buy RB2…)!

I say the RB2 instruments are worth the wait and extra cash.

Agreed. Wait. It’s worth it for the metal drum pedal alone. The plastic RB1 pedal will break.

Done. I decided to wait, and you guys helped confirm the awesomeness of my decision.

Damn we’re good!

-Doom (pretentiously)

I think I’ve said this before, but as a self-professed obsession with the genre, I have to:

If you’re serious about fake plastic rock, the Wii version is never the right choice. Pick up a $199 Xbox Arcade if you have to, but you really want a platform that has all the DLC and all the band creation functions.

Even GH:WT won’t offer some of its DLC on Wii.

Well thanks for saying so, but I guess I’m not that serious about my fake plastic rock. Spending another $200 (at least) to have more options for my fake rock seems, shall we say, misguided.

And RB2 for Wii has a DLC solution, so it’s actually a nearly-as-good option.

Yeah, it definitely depends how into the genre you are.

It’s unclear if the Wii version will have embedded pre-recorded band videos that play along with the song (like the original Rock Band for PS2 and Wii) or if they’re actually writing a 3D engine this time around. Unless they write a new 3D engine this time around, you’re stuck with zero band / character customization, as everything except the note chart itself is a prerecorded video.

Also, I’m not sure if the entire DLC back catalog is coming to Wii. Does anyone know? I got the impression not all of it was transferring over. I doubt you can pull in the RB1 songs, for example.

GH:WT has a least common denominator 3D engine which apparently scales down to the Wii and PS2. That may be one reason the game looks quite poor on the 360 and PS3. But the good news is, fewer compromises for previous-gen platforms (other than making everyone’s visuals suffer).

Unfortunately, there’s some kind of licensing problem with Nintendo where song packs can’t be released (eg the Hendrix stuff) unless each individual song can also be purchased individually. Thus, no Hendrix pack for GH:WT Wii owners.

I know I read in some interview that all currently available DLC would be available for the Wii version. So anything that you could simply buy online right now on the 360 or PS3 should be available. That does include DLC that’s been around since RB1, what that doesn’t include would be the RB1 songs themselves which have to be exported from the RB1 disk, the AC/DC pack which includes a special code for downloading the songs (they can’t just be bought without buying the physical product), and that sort of thing. I don’t know if there are other exceptions I’m not thinking of.