Installation instructions with a sense of humor

I have been doing some research on car stereos recently as my wife’s factory CD player is crap and we want something a bit better. One unit I am considering is the Rockford Fosgate RFX9300. It is a CD/MP3 unit with some very good features. On their website they have the owner’s manual and installation instructions in PDF format. I was browsing through it when I found this in the Source Unit Mounting Locations section:

Engine Compartment

Mounting the source unit in the engine compartment will void your warranty. Doing so will not only cause severe damage to your new source unit…but will immediately promote you to “customer of the month” in our technical support department.

I assume this instruction was generated from some idiot actually trying to install a stereo next to the engine :?

The link is here:

The referenced instruction is on page 11.


very nice! I wish I were allowed to write like that.

btw, have you decided on a model? I was looking at some Alpine units with a good amount of lust. However, I just bought a Henckels 7-knife block set for the girlfriend, so there goes my disposable income for this month.