Installing betrayal at krondor in win2k

i have problem getting it to install… i have the original cd when it came out and i was using vdms. the pre-install screens were ok until the end. the “installation is complete” message just pops up without really installing… does anyone have any idea ? :?:

Some DOS programs have trouble running under Windows XP, depending on how they call DOS. You can try running the installer in compatablilty mode for Windows 95: find the program file, right click, select properties, select the compatibility tab, and choose to run as a Windows 95 file. See if that helps.

You may have memory issues, too, though VDMS is supposed to address that. Try this: go to your c: \windows\system32 directory and open “config.nt” with Notepad. Add the line “emm=ram” (minus the quotes) to the bottom of the file, then save it.

Next, for both ‘krondor.exe’ and ‘install.exe’, go to the file properties, then the memory tab, and set both expanded and extended memory to auto.

I’m not sure if any of that will help, but it’s a start. Getting old games to run on new operating systems is more of an art than a science.

Ah, Feist. Good game, good game. Sequel sucked.

The game is freeware now. If you go and download it, you don’t need to install it, you can just unzip it and run krondor.exe from its location.

VDMS works perfect for it. If you need the freeware game package (10megs) just mention it and I’ll put it up for download.

aye. i have been re-reading the Magician books and now on to the Darkness at Sethanon, plus i have successfully gotten Darklands to run on my machine and playing it much, so why not BaK too, i really loved the game.

that is true, took me a while to get Darklands too work even with all the help on the web. i am quite sure BaK might pose some problems too. OH i forgot to mention i am using win2k…

now that u mentioned it, i will check that out ! thx!

I’m trying to get BaK to work in Windows XP. I’ve done all of the recommended changes and I get this error message after starting the krondor.exe file…

16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem

The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:0000 IP:0077 OP:f0 37 05 0c 02 Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application.

I really want to get this game working, for both the fun of playing it and the nostalgia value.

I just tried, and I can’t get krondor to run under XP either. With or without VDMS. Suck.

Try this:
They claim their latest version can run both floppy and CD versions of BaK.

If that doesn’t help, you can download and install trial versions of either Connectix Virtual PC 5 or VMWare Workstation 4:

I had no luck with DOSBox v0.58 and the freeware version of BaK, but Connectix VPC ran it without glitches using both digitized sounds and MIDI music.

hmm i have gotten the download version and it runs find with music and all that… but then it seems kinda dark… the screen is quite dim i have problems seeing it in day time…

[edit] alright i take some of that back, cause i see some hills have become grey triangles… wish theres some kind of set up…

I got BaK to work after I went within the Install (Dos Install I think) and changed the Sound Card setting to Roland, etc. instead of Sound Blaster. It worked immediately thereafter and I’ve had no problems since.