Installing Flash 10.1 on Firefox

Has anyone else had trouble installing the latest Flash plugin on Firefox? When I click on “Install” on the Adobe page (, it always comes up with the “additional plugins needed” bar at the top of the screen. If I click on the button to missing plugins, I (eventually) end up downloading a gp.xpi file to my disk.

WTF is gp.xpi, and how can I get Flash installed? This is on FF 3.6.6, Windows 7 64bit.

Adobe insists on providing Flash through their own proprietary installer add-on when you request Flash for the browser that’s currently running. The only solution I found is to download IE Flash from Firefox, and Firefox Flash from IE. That way you get a proper offline installer for either browser.

Wow, that was fast. But it worked! Thanks, Chris!

2 download links at the bottom of this page: