Installing new nVidia drivers

I’m trying to install the new nVidia BETA drivers on my Windows 64 system. When I get through the installation dialogue, it all of the sudden changes to wanting to install The Guild 2 1.4 patch… umm what? Any idea what could be causing this? Why would a driver all of the sudden try to install a patch to a game I don’t even have installed?

duplicate installer temp files.

run ccleaner and download/run nvidia driver again.

Where did you get the driver package? I know the NVIDIA drivers don’t have any kind of patch for games or anything like that.

At exactly what point did you get this patch message? Was it before or after the “Installation Finish” dialog?

I ran ccleaner but that didn’t solve the problem (unless I’m supposed to check something on the “advanced” tab that I don’t know about).

The issue happens right after I agree to the EULA. It takes me to the install screen and at the top it says “Guild Patch 1.4.” I downloaded the file from 2 different sites, the last one being from the nvidia web site.

The driver .exe was extractable so I extracted it into a separate folder and ran the driver setup through that. The 180 drivers installed, but it looks like it was packaged with some physics driver as well and I’m not sure if the physics driver installed… which makes me want to be able to run the original executable just to make sure everything got installed that was supposed to get installed.

That’s really bizarre, there’s nothing in the NVIDIA installer that I’ve seen that would launch a game-specific patch. They would have to include that patch with the package too, and I don’t see that in any of the latest drivers.

The easiest way to tell if PhysX installed is to check in the NV Control Panel. The PhysX install is actually handled through the driver install process itself, and not something that is run seperately later on, so if the driver installed then PhysX should have installed as well.