Installing RAM and vid card

Both should be arriving on Tuesday…new RAM and new vid card. Which should I do first? I know that I should do one at a time and then do a full reboot, install, etc…to make sure neither is defective. However, is there good reason to upgrade my RAM before the vid card? Or the reverse?

I know it sounds like a silly questions, but clearly I don’t know enough about these things to answer it for myself.

A little old now, but still applicable for today’s memory, which is dual-channel:

Somewhat less dated (from last Christmas); Jason Cross on installing a new graphics card:

no, you can do both at the same time without problems. also you will want to uninstall previous drivers for the old video card BEFORE you shutdown and install the new one (especially if the old card isn’t the same manufacturer chipset as the new one – ie ati for old and nvidia for new).