Insulating Bush

Well, there was that time that the Old Man Murray crew got a visit from the Secret Service.

“Ha ha ha ha! Attention ElectraComm Watch!” Erik screamed from across the office, “I want to kill the President.” Now both the agents had no choice but to look directly at him. “Of Iraq!” Erik said. “HA!” he said. He smiled and gave the agents the thumbs up and said “Fuck Iran!”

I am strongly against any action that puts more lead into Bush’s bloodstream.

I think a presidential assassination would enable the republicans to instantly push through congress far worse legislation than the patriot act. It would mean kissing even more personal freedoms goodbye in the name of national security.

Dubya must live so that, eventually, under a different administration, he gets the jail time he so richly deserves.

Awesome. That link made this thread worth visiting.

It started out funny (unlike this thread), but like so many things on Teh IntArweb it just went on and on and…