Intel CPUs, Pinouts, etc

So right now I’m really debating the Dell deal with a P4 630, 20" LCD, etc for $600. It would need more memory and a new video card, but would be nice regardless. I’m curious about the upgrade path and haven’t been following chips (especially Intel) long enough to know the following:

Is the socket type for the P4 630 the same as that for the dual core P4s that just had their prices reduced (ex. the P4 930)?

Are there multiple sockets for the 630, or just one that’s possible?

Are the new conroe cores slated to require a new socket type, or should they be socket compatible? (I know there’s a new FSB speed to the memory, but I assume as has generally been the case you can run as long as it’s socket compatible on slower memory and just suffer the latency hit)

Yes, the current dual core Pentium D’s are socket 775, as is the P4/630. You need to find out if it’s a 915 or 945 chipset.

If it’s a 915, it won’t run a dual core CPU.

If it’s 945, there’s a chance it will run the new Conroe parts when they come out – but it’s unlikely. But it will run the current Pentium D CPUs.

It’s a 945G… so it would still require a MB upgrade to run conroe if I wanted to go that route later (at least to be 100% safe). Which is probably a royal PITA considering it’s a Dell system/case.

Thanks for the quick answer, though!

You don’t upgrade dells. It’s an entire computer with 20" LCD for $600. When it gets old, throw it out the window and buy another one.

Exactly. Ram / Video card and thats it. Well HD too but whatever on that.