Intel Mac owners: which OS are you in right now?

I thought it might be interesting to see who is in what OS, and how often they switch back and forth.

Currently: OS X, but about to reboot into XP for my workday because I haven’t finished my Parallels integration into my development setup in OSX (and because Flash sucks under OSX on Intel). I usually do my gaming in OS X as well, unless I need to get on Vent (because our guild server manager doesn’t seem to want to be bothered making a codec change for one user…) or if I want to play something besides WoW (which isn’t often right now…).

I’m in OSX all the time, unless I’m playing Battlefield 2, Battle for Middle Earth 2, or Oblivion. I installed Oblivion last night, and not only is it a blast to play, it runs really well on the iMac. I play WoW on the OSX though. I really like having access to Safari and Snapzpro X during the game.

I’ve been spending half my day learning OSX on my wife’s new 17" iMac. Eventually, when the Powermac desktops with Intel chips come out, I’ll probably get one and use OSX most of the time unless I’m playing Windows games.

OS X. I only use Windows for gaming.

OS X. I installed Windows, and installed BF2, Galciv2, Civ4, and Steam, but when I was in Windows I got sad without the Steve Jobs happy rays beaming into my brain.

Os X, windows for gaming, and the occasional odd little program.

Remote desktop!

Locomotive Basic.

I’m in OSX. I haven’t even installed Windows yet, although I plan to.

I seriously doubt the Intel desktops will be called “Powermacs,” for the same reason they don’t call the Macbook a Powerbook. :)

Introducing the Macmac?

Mac 3?

They could just go understated: “Macintosh”


We’ll know when they tell us.

There will be two models of the new Intel desktop, the Mac-alacahigh:
the single-core Mac-ahineyho and the dual-core Mac-achonnyho.

Stupid moves. Powerbook, powermac, imac, ibook, these are valuable brands.

Well they didn’t get rid of ibook/imac. Just powerbook, because, well, it’s not powerpc-based any more, see?

Well, no one knows what they’re gonna call it… Macintel? Power Core? The Shizz?

Is there something preventing you from running WoW in a window on Windows? I do it all the time, and you can even be windowed by have it act like fullscreen (except when you put a window on top) by picking the “maximized” function in WoW.

I’m usually in OS X on my Macbook, because if most of what I want to do on Windows I do on my Windows desktop. I’ve switched back a few times for this or that…sometimes games and sometimes other stuff. I mean if I was going to be in Windows all the time, I would have saved some bucks and bought a Windows-only laptop. :)

I’ve been really hoping they do this. iMac is a good chopped down name for a chopped down, slightly crippled computer. Mac Mini is a nice alliterative name for a small computer; even the “Macintosh” is diminutive. But for the one real computer they sell, an upgradable full-power desktop, the full name Macintosh just seems appropriate.

I could run WoW under Windows, and I think it might even run a bit better, but I just like to have access to all that good OSXishness.