Intel wants to give BIOS the boot.


I just came across this and found it interesting.

Basically, by 2020 Intel isn’t going to be supporting BIOS any longer, which is actually going to end up being good news for almost everyone, as near as I can tell, when everything becomes UEFI based on a full time basis?


It’ll mean bad news for my Hackintosh setup. :(


Are you sure you aren’t already using UEFI on your hackintosh? Most recent motherboards are UEFI-based, and the Clover bootloader uses it. Legacy support/CSM is for older, BIOS-based systems


I had problems getting UEFI to work on my current setup. I am still using the legacy boot method. I do read on the forums that the latest hardware and clover live very happily together, have not tried it out yet.

But I was thinking more in terms of the possibility that Apple may lock OSX out of hardware that they dont manufacture.