Intellivision Lives for Xbox Download?

I’ve been avoiding the Xbox classic download of Intellivision Lives for months. I really want it, but since the Intellivision had such an odd control scheme (keypad & disc) I find controlling all but the simplest games (Astrosmash) too difficult. Can anyone vouch for this game? Not the quality of the games (I know they are mostly old and mostly bad) but for the controls and game-selection.(i.e. Are the D&D games on there with different names?)

I have it, and for the number of games available it’s a pretty good deal. The control scheme in many games is just fine, but in some games it is a bit wonky. I thought I’d be able to just pick right up and play my old classics, but it’s not that easy. Recently they added a new compatability update to make it run better.

Also note that some Intellivision games are going to be in Game Room, which is coming next month.

If you have a ds you might want to wait and pick up the intellivision package for that

Wow that looks really cool.

The DS verson comes out in June