Interactive Gamebooks

Does anyone have any experience with these? I am interested in a few different sorts that I see in the Ipad app store-

Fabled Lands 2 HD Gold

Various Fighting Fantasy Books

Various Gamebook Adventures

They sound like a lot of fun, but their prices are rather steeper than standard ios games, so I am a bit gun shy. Any advice would be appreciated!

I loved the first Fighting Fantasy books (Warlock, Citadel, Forest, Deathtrap Dungeon, etc) as a pre-teen but not sure how well they would hold up now. I’m guessing The Sorcery! 4 book series is still pretty good though.

Oh wow, this topic takes me back. I used to love the Fighting Fantasy books as well as the Lone Wolf series - I thought it was so cool that you could develop a character across the series. But I haven’t read these since I was a teenager. Man, I wonder what ever happened to my collection?

These are available now?!

Holy crap, they are!

Apparently the rights have been sold and 4 games will be developed

I’m playing through Warlock of Firetop Mountain for the first time on my iPhone right now. It’s a lot of fun, thought my character seems kind of overpowered so far. I actually had to breakout a notepad to draw a map because I got lost in the dungeon…I’m still lost, actually.

Pretty fun though.

Oh, man, I used to love these.

Amazingly, you can play a ton of the Joe Dever (Lone Wolf) books online in your browser, in a really good web-based interface. The site is called Project Aon. Highly recommended.

On a somewhat related note, a bunch of single-player wargames from Dwarfstar Games have also gone free to download recently (Barbarian Prince, for one).

Although it’s a little different, King of Dragon Pass is sort of a greatly-evolved game book. Worth a look if traditional gamebooks are up your alley.

I played the first Gamebook Adventure on the iPod and it was great. I was completely addicted to it for a week. It had an almost roguelike feel - I kept dying in lots of fun and eventually avoidable ways.

My wife and I have played through several of these - we buy a new one when we have to take long road trips. So far Warlock of Firetop Mountain has been our favorite, though it’s possible nostalgia played a role in that. There are also some interactive audiobooks we’ve played through that have been fun- same principle but with the entire thing narrated. I actually like those better on the road trips.

Gamebooks can be pretty neat, although the quality varies dramatically. I always felt the Lone Wolf series was one of the best, and the author was kind enough to allow the folks at Project Aon to do lovely web (and, more slowly, coded) conversions of the whole series. Apparently they are now up to 25 of 28 main series books, all of the Grey Star spinoff, and two of the five Highway Warrior line Joe Dever also wrote.

The other really cool series is Fabled Lands, which did some neat stuff with free exploration, each book representing a region to explore, with callbacks from one to another via keywords. Unfortunately, only six of twelve planned books were ever written…though they were just recently reprinted and my understanding is that if things go well, that may change. Keep an eye on the blog I linked above.

I’m also cautiously excited about a new (would-be) franchise, the unfortunately generically named DestinyQuest, which looks to have a ton of adventuring, surprisingly meaty combat and reward systems, free downloadable addons, and (based on said downloads), quite competent writing. Apparently the first print run was a small, essentially self-published affair, but it caught the attention of UK publisher Gollancz, who are releasing more widely later this year (the site says 5/17/12 but whether that will be the US release date is unclear to me at this time).