Interest in an SF4 tournament?

Anyone interested in an SF4 tournament, possibly cross forum with 1 or 2 others?

Make sure it’s with grandpagamers or pogo instead of

I will warn you… I am In-de-structable.

My Cammy will own you all. Until I face someone not playing Dan.

Also, how do people feel about locking into one character for the whole tournament? Mainly because there is no double blind select and want to work around someone waiting to counter pick.

That’s fine.

Damn you!

Tax de-duct-ible! We’re going to H-and-R Block! Tax de-duct-ible! Gonna help me get a rebate, now!

I am actually really bad, but I just picked the game up yesterday and I suck at fighting games, so It makes sense.

I’m in. Dictator/Bison.

Hey, vote in the poll :)

I’m trying to get the numbers to gauge interest, right now looks like not worth running the PS3 side.

Woo! You and me, Hunty! Bring It!

I must say I am possibly the worst ever Sf4 player in existence, but always up for a laugh (and you need someone to be at the bottom right?).

No, that would be me.

whoa whoa whoa…

you all underestimate my shittyness.

I challenge all of you to a loser contest.

Ok, looks like we’ll have enough to run something. Any thoughts on doing a knockout tournament v. a multistage one? Knockout would be easiest to run and wouldn’t run too long. Wonderpug is running one currently elsewhere (which inspired me to post this) where he used a multistage format with the first stage being a Swiss system and the second stage being knockout. Let me know your thoughts and I’ll get the official thing going in a day or two.

Right now I’m leaning towards doing it as double elimination.

I actually have it for PS3 and 360 (and am up for sparring on either). I play a crummy Abel. Fighting helps me to remember! Or something equally as French.

I’m in for 360. I’ll go with Guile.

Dang. I misread the title. I thought it was SE4.

As in, Space Empires. D’oh.

I would like to thank my fellow “no” voters for trying, but it looks like we lost this one. Tough luck, guys.