Interest in NYC and/or Boston Qt3 Gathering?

So our annual vacation is nearly here, & I wondered if any folks would like to meet for dinner or drinks in New York City (NYC) and/or Boston? My wife & I will be in NYC the evenings of Wed, June 2 through Sat, June 5. We’ll be in Boston the evenings of Sun, June 6 through Tues, June 8. We won’t have a car, but we’re capable users of public transportation and have been to both cities at least a few times.

Feel free to post in this thread, or PM me, if there’s interest. I think all our evenings are free at this point, but I’ll throw out:

  • New York City - Thur, June 3
  • Boston - Mon, June 7

as initial dates. Happy to move things around if other days work best for the majority of those interested.

I’m always up for meeting Qt3ers. Got a plan for where you’d want to go in Boston?

The Boston one sounds good to me – Mondays are usually a wide-open night for me.

Yeah, count me in. I should be around that day.

Usually yes, but I’m getting married that Saturday…

Edit - hey I’ve killed the thread! Sorry!

No worries, Alistair, some threads are just meant to die. I’ll blame the fact the thread ended up close to the locked Bananas & Nuts thread. By the way, congrats on the wedding, and it’s no problem to crash your reception Saturday – I know you’ll be busy, but New York City wedding receptions are awesome! Free food!

OK, looks like there’s interest in a Boston get together on Mon, June 7. I’ll wait until next Monday & make a new thread specifically for Boston to hammer out a place and time. If any New Yorkers are seeing this bump for the first time, I’m still happy to meet in New York City on the dates listed in the original post.

Sidd and his wife are good people, in case anyone’s looking for character references. ;)

Mondays are our normal night to play Qt3 D&D. I haven’t seen any of the other guys chime in, so I’m guessing they’d rather play D&D.