Interesting article about X360 HD

I thought this 1Up comparison piece gives an interesting view of how many games in the X360 launch line-up - particularly the ports - have dropped the ball when it comes to living up to Microsoft’s hype about a brave new high-definition world.

(To be fair, these problems are sure to disentegrate once development teams shift their resources over to X360 full-time - starting now, I guess - but it does highlight one aspect of why the launch line-up is so underwhelming.)

I particularly like the quotes from the floating Peter Moore head entity. This one is still ringing in my ears from the E3 presentation:

Man, I almost picked one up today. For eBay.

Good article, though less impressive after GameSpot did it.

The voting options don’t make much sense on the PC ports.

Those 360 CoD2 shots are supposed to look better than the PC shots?!? What are they smoking?

Yeah, I’ve played a lot of COD2 PC, and also played it in HD at the X360 demo kiosks, and anyone who tells you the X360 version looks better than on a high-end PC is on crack.