Interesting book about us godless heathens and our lack of morality

I read an interview with the author in my paper today and thought it was actual news, only to find out the book is not that new. But interesting - I just hope it wasn’t brought up earlier.

Basically an American sociologist looks at Denmark and Sweden and ask the question “How can these people be so nice and live in a safe society, when they’re godless heathens?”
According to him, that’s not possible according to a lot of religious Americans.

It’s not an argument for radical aetheism, since neithe country is anti-religion. We’re deeply rooted in Christian traditions, we have state churches, more than 80% of the population are members… it’s just that nobody actually believes the stuff in the Bible. Interesting because that’s apparently a very foreign concept to fundamentalist Christians, the same way that I was honestly surprised in another religion thread, that people didn’t just believe in a god, but in virgin birth, the resurection of Christ and all that.

Another review:

Christianity has had a history of being advesarial to those who don’t believe as they do. It does not surprise me that a country that does not have one group telling another group they will go to hell is more peaceful.

On behalf of the rest of the civilised world “Well, duh!”

Speak for yourself! We abolished that old-fashioned and tyrannical tradition ages* ago.

*9 years

“Well, duh!” what?
New Zealand is just like Scandinavia (Scandinavia isn’t like Scandinavia… The Norwegians are a bit more god fearing) or “we all knew you guys were strange?”.

Good for you. We’re so traditionbound that this will be hard to do (and a few people, while still not Christian, thinks that the moslems - all 8% of them - will turn us into a sharia ruled kalifat if we do that).

The “we” meant Denmark as did the 80% are member of a church whoose teachings they don’t actually believe - we had a bit of hubbub when a priest declared that he didn’t actually believe in an afterlife (he was thrown out after a while, but his beliefs mirrors that of his “flock”)

Hahaha! More believe in UFOs than bearded deities smiting them :)

The later, Hanzii!

A timely study was released this weekend which said something like only 45% of the population believe in a god figure. Pretty low, even by Scandinavian standards?

Church attendance here has always been quite low, hmm. I should dig up some stats.

What he said.

I bothered to do some research

There has been a sharp rise in the number of New Zealanders with no religious affiliation, new research shows.

In a study of 1000 people by Massey University, 40 percent said they had no religious affiliation compared to 29 percent 17 years ago.

Just over a third of New Zealanders described themselves as religious.

Fifty-three percent said they believed in God (although half of those said they had doubts), 20 percent believed in some form of higher power and about third said they didn’t believe or didn’t know.

However, 60 percent said they would prefer children to have religious education in state primary schools, with strongest support for teaching about all faiths.

Professor Philip Gendall, who led the Department of Communication, Journalism and Marketing research team, said the view that New Zealand was a very secular country was supported by the relatively low levels of active involvement in religion.

“The survey shows that God is not dead, but religion may be dying,” he said.

I’m guessing these stats put us in the top-10 of secular countries in the world?

I think the lack of crime in Scandinavia has more to do with those countries having basically homogenized cultures.

That can’t be all of it, though. Compare the crime rates in 100% single-ethnic-immigration-source white areas of the United States to Scandinavian countries.

Those still exist?

Edit: Also, remember, those areas are almost entirely populated by the source country’s criminals, so… ;)

I think homogeny within a populace only lessens the impact of crime in the sense that it makes inequality less apparent since you don’t have it drawn along explicit ethnic lines. The root causes of crime are still the same though. Dealing with those is much better than trying to either force homogeny or just throwing up your hands and claiming nothing can be done.

And a good German bishop just felt he had to contribute this weekend.

A German bishop has told his Easter congregation that mass murder and other crimes committed by the Nazis are evidence that atheism is inhumane. His comments have caused outraged among German atheist organizations.

“Decades past have proven the inhumanity of atheism through the godless regimes of National Socialism and communism, with their penal camps, secret police and mass murder,” he said.

“Wherever God is denied or fought against, there, humans and their dignity will also be denied and violated,” he added.

Clearly, religion is the only moral compass!

Yes, people never commit atrocities in the name of religion.

They don’t believe in Alan Moore?


It was my belief (ha) that you guys still had a larger percentage of true believers than us - Kristelig Folkeparti still takes up a fair number of seats in Stortinget where ours is a dead party now.
I also thought your crazy death metal bands were a revolt against something and as my final “proof” I point to the weird opening times of bars in at near Oslo (I was told that was the christians doings when I visited… 10 years ago)

Specifically, Nazis.

Don’t forget the much less absurd income inequality and improved (socialist!) support programs.