Interesting: Gamespot no longer linked through GameRankings

Go check… there are a few links on the main page, but they don’t work. Every game when checked has no Gamespot review score listed.

Interesting… especially seeing how Cnet owns Gamerankings.

You’re right. Why would cnet let them do that?

Also their messageboards are all disabled. Curioser and curiouser, etc.

Trying to maintain some journalistic integrity?

Who knows. I do know this- someone is going to get fired.

Holy hell!


Whose messageboards? Gamespot’s are up - just took a look.

Though they still carry ads/links whatnot on the right hand side and link to it on the top.

Gameranking’s messageboards.


An intern will get fired?!

It seems like C|Net has been pushing Metacritic (which they also own) a lot more than Gamerankings recently. No biggie.

Yeah, Jeff Gerstmann.

I was always more of a Ziff Davis/1UP fan to being with, and kind of anti-CNET/Gamespot. Following Gerstmanngate, I have NO impulse to go to any of the CNET network sites…

Except for GameRankings and GameFAQs. Damn you, CNET Empire.

Yeah, can someone rig up a non-Cnet game tip website? Gamefaqs can be indispensible at times.

There are a bunch already, but Gamefaqs is the best designed and most trafficked, as far as I can tell. Plus the same FAQs tend to make the rounds of every one of those sites, except where they’re GF exclusive.