Interesting USB input devices

So I’m on a quest to find interesting non-mouse, non classical joystick USB input devices. So far I’ve found…

The USB Knob:
The USB bizarrokeypad:
Belkin’s Nostromo pad:

Any other good one? Sliders, knobs, multifunction keypads… ?

Do they have to be retail items?


The poe hosted,


For some reason, that makes me feel cooler.

That device actually has a lot of potential, but I hope it lives up to the possibilities.

  • Alan

If this wasn’t so expensive, I’d consider trying it out as a “wheel mouse” replacement to go along with my Logitech trackball that doesn’t have one.

These are some good ones!

Basically I’ve got a non-gaming, non-video editing thing that I can control, and I’m just trying to find cool things to control it with.