Interface code solutions

Supposing I don’t want to handroll this shit (again) - is there any good 3rd party stuff out there? There’s the CEGUI stuff, but it’s woefully under-documented and as far as I can see, not that great.

I can probably handroll my own stuff in 2d, but not sure I want to.

(This would be for a game in SDL, mostly 2d, but no platform specific widgets like Windows or Aqua or even GTK)

These are all the well-known ones: category ‘interfaces’

(I can save you time and tell you to just skip Xiqual…too much other
work for me to get anywhere on the GUI portion yet ;) )

I’m still wishing for wxUniversal retargettable to SDL surfaces :)

Well, I’ve seen that list, but it hardly answers my question. What percentage of those are just your standard crap sourceforge projects that never got off the ground?

ParaGUI is very mature. I’ve briefly used it, and it’s the best of the lot
so far.