Internat Explorer Script Error?

Help!! I’ve been trying to help my Mom with a problem for about a week and getting nowhere. This is what’s happening:

1 She can’t insert any text into her email message area, even though she can into subject.
2 She gets continuous Internet Explorer Scrip Error #29 messages which does lots of bad stuff, most noticeably no icons show up in Control Panel, which really limits my ability to help her.

I’ve tries the following without luck:

  1. Tried to update her IE but Microsoft auto update does not seem to work very well, it says it’s scanning her computer for updates she needs but nothing happens.

  2. I tried to download manually the latest but got a message “you need IE 6 to use this” but when I download the IE 6 service pack I was told "You are not upgrading 1 to 2 " when I ran it, or something like that.

  3. In case she had a virus, I tried to run her VirusScan, but it must be tied to IE and I got the error message and nothing in the window to run. :(

  4. I tried to run Adaware and Spybot in case it was a spyware connected problem, found lots of spyware but it did not fix it.

Any ideas? BTW, she has Windows Me which I’ve not used much so please walk me through any solutions. Thanks

WindowsMe has to be the worst operating system that Microsoft has put out since DOS 4. I had WindowsMe and the system was always having problems.

It sounds like some significant DLLs have become hosed. Since the virus scanner didn’t want to run, try re-installing the virus scanner, and then attempting to update IE. If that fails (and I suspect it will), then try repairing the OS. You should be able to use your installation disk or OEM support disk to repair the OS. Sorry I don’t have any specific instructions fo doing this.

Do some checking before attempting to repair the OS with the OEM windows disk. A lot of them are system restore disks and all they do is blindly over-write the hard drive with an image of the OS as the factory installed it. This has the fun side effect of wiping out everything that isn’t the OS. No more e-mails, documents, saved games, etc.