International book ordering for insane people. Help needed

I was looking to pick up the complete Liber Chaotica with my christmas loot but sadly it seems like it is sold out more or less everywhere, and the prices it fetches used go into xbox360-levels of price gouging. Thus I was desparate and turned to google where I found it on Japanese Amazon. Or so I thought. I can’t for the life of me figure out if the book is actually available or not. Could someone with a bit more knowledge of Japanese and/or Amazon help me out here so I’ll know if I can place an order or not?

3-5 Weeks…so probably not.

There is that display in English option on the side that should make the menus easier to understand

The “display in english” doesn’t change the little text that says if the book is available or not into english I’m afraid.

How about alibris who claim to have a US-based seller who will ship in 2-3 days at $5 below list? (If you’re not in the US please forgive the assumption and let us know where you actually are :))

My experience with is that they’re not very good about letting you know what’s available until you actually order it. They had one item that was listed as 2-3 days, turned out it was out of print, but it took them 5 weeks to let me know. (I kept getting emails that it was delayed).

On the other side, they had something listed as 5-6 weeks, usually a good sign that they’re out, but they ended up sending it to me.

If you’re prepared to order from them anyway, there’s no real harm. The confirmation emails will even come in English if you set up your account that way.


PS I’d venture to guess, though, that they don’t have it. They list it at 980 yen, but used copies are going for 4,222 yen, which is a pretty bad sign.

I’ve had great results finding older or rare books through Abebooks. It’s not a store, but a marketplace where independent booksellers worldwide can list their stock.

Liber Chaotica turned up some hits, so possibly through them.

Amazon JP seems to be a dead end but alibris and Abebooks look good.

I’m looking for shipping to Sweden and so far everything looks good. Now I only have to decide if I want it new or used. used for 98 GBP.

Umm, G., I was trying to buy the book without getting raped on the price. kthxbye

This place looks to sell it for $37.50 US plus $23 shipping to any country.

Thanks for the help everyone. I just ordered it from the US. 43$ + 11$ priority shipping. Priority in this case meaning 3-4 weeks, thank you very much.

Now I just have to wait and see if my order goes through.

Where’d you end up ordering it from?

Crowfly books, via Alibris. Hopefully I’ll get a mail confiriming that it has been shipped today or tomorrow.

just got a mails saying the book was out of stock. Oh well. eCampus still seems to have it, and I’ve placed an order there. Hope it goes through.