International Soccer Friendlies

Looking forward a lot to US-Spain manana.

Good luck.

Despite selling Arbeloa and Alonso to real Madrid and Torres to Chelsea I could watch the spain team all day.

Xavi and Iniesta are just class.

What time/station in US for the Spain match? I’m at work

Looks like 4:30 p.m. EST on ESPN.

Thanks, watching now, Spain just hosed out of a goal on an offsides call. It was close, but he was definitely on.

Well this is a grand mess. But yeah now that you think about it… US was never going to win this game; too many players are out with the Gold Cup just starting up a few days away… timing is terrible. Blah. Friendlies.

— Alan

Yeah, terrible timing to schedule this kind of opponent, the US was able to beat them in the Confederations Cup with a phenomenal effort. Today, for many reasons, not so much.

And Bob Bradley started an assinine lineup and we get rolled…

Atleast you didn’t lose 4-1 against Nigeria.

A little late commenting on this, but I’m not sure what exactly that was supposed to accomplish. Throwing the kids and some scrubs up against the best team in the world at the moment is going to tell you…what? That Sacha Kljestan or Robbie Rodgers aren’t that good*? I don’t think we need to play a game against Spain to tell us that.

We did beat Canada in the Gold Cup though, so that’s something.

*Not just them either.


USA down 0-2 to Panama…yes, 0-2.

I can’t even complain or whine really, Panama has been better overall and their PK was well deserved. The only US player that seems to have a clue in this game is Clint Dempsey. Fuck.

When everyone knows Panama is going to be better than the history tells and yet the US still plays like this, with poor players like Goodson and Ream, I think it’s time to reconsider Bob Bradley’s employment.

Jesus christ, this game is equal parts ugly and embarrassing.

I agree, Bradley seems to be lost. Also, we STILL don’t have a reliable forward. I would play Donovan and Dempsey up top and leave Altidore at home.

If I can take anything positive out of this game it’s a reminder of my love for Dempsey and Howard.

I don’t want to take anything away from them (okay, I do) but Panama are playing like assholes. I want to see a red jersey stay on their feet just once.

Dempsey really is having to play two positions tonight.

Dempsey is the best player on the US roster.

And Goodson scores as I type!

Dempsey does all the work and that guy gets a goal. I hate soccer. heh

Why hate the sport for that? That was a glorious set-piece, a perfect diving header and a lovely goal.

I can’t believe how much protesting Panama are doing with these calls.

It was a joke Frank. I just hate seeing guys like Dempsey work so hard and not get the glory of scoring.

Great cross from Altidore wasted!

Fucks sake Wondolowski is terrible. So fucking overrated.