International Talk like a Pirate Day

Arrrr me wants the booty!

Raid the poopdeck, ye scurvy swabs!


Arr, 'taint like ye never had seamen on yer poopdeck, ye scallywag.

The funny thing is, I just happened to be listening to the ship song from Curse of Monkey Island when I clicked on this thread.

The synchonicity is messing with my head!

Ben, what the hell were you doing sitting around listening to the ship song from Curse of Monkey Island?



I have a playlist of favorite game songs, and I’ve had it playing while I’m painting a room. Well, actually I was taking a break when I read this thread, but you get the idea. Playlist includes music from Arcanum, Interstate '76, Outlaws, the Neverhood, Emperor of the Fading Suns, Morrowind, Fantasy General, The Longest Journey, and, of course, Curse of Monkey Island.

No game music compilation is complete without the ship song, though.

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t give you a hard time about it since I’m always getting shit from people (usually my brother) about actually enjoying game music.

And certainly, Monkey Island music is right near the top of awesome.


No ship song from black and white? I’m disapointed.

Yesterday, I decided to honor The Pirate by not farming them for Booty Bay faction in WoW.

Arrr… it be only includin’ music from games me liked, matey.

Also, a day late, but here you kin be findin’ yar pirate name. Arr.

I hate to say this but that chart is horrible.


How dare you mock the proof of existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Arrr… it be only includin’ music from games me liked, matey.

But it is at least a song that makes you want to fire a broadside, board the stumpy little bastard’s boat and keel haul the lot of them.

In unrelated Pirate Trivia, I walk past the pub that Treasure Island is reputed to have been written in, and that the Spyglass is apparently modelled on, every day. Long John Silver is supposed to be based on the Landlord at the time, which perhaps explains the demented Bristolian accent attributed to Pirates.

oh yeah, Yarr! Avast ye!

If you like pirate stuff, be sure to check out the music from Captain Bogg and Salty. (You can hear samples on iTunes.)

Fun band. And I’m SO glad my kid is obsessed with them now, rather than crap like The Wiggles.

It finally landed on a day where I was at work. Oddly enough I discover that my coworkers have NO sense of humor. Especially those on the phone.

Theres someone at our office who turns off the hallway lights to conserve energy, only to have other people turn them back on again. That person wrote a complaint letter to HR on Monday… written like a pirate:

"Aye aye, a wee rightly email ‘twould be mighty helpful, it’d be,
since, contrary to popular belief, the lights-off camp (patriotic, energy-savin’, kind to small animals, planters of new trees, good friends ofour sweet Mother Earth) is not only jus’ one o’ motley bilge rat running
about, hither and thither, across these here creakin’ planks, arrrr.

Aye, th’ lights-off camp is a goodly number o’ scruffy scurvy dogs,
malcontents, ne’er-do-wells, arrr, many unbeknownst to each other, ye see, mor’ o’ less. ‘Twould be good, it’d be, for all of th’ m0tley seadogs on
this sailin’ ship, lights on or off, to be planted on one page, swingin’
from the same yardarm, eloquently speakin’, as it wer’.

Of course , Avast! the other do-gooders in the lights-off camp
(patriotic,energy-savin’, forward-thinkin’, ozone layer protectin’, thrifty,
innocent, early to bed early to rise) may wanna respond, too, once the
email goes out over the seas, shiver me timbers, aye!, arrrr! Maybe we should put it to a vote, arrr!"

Thats pretty good.

Shiver me timbers, arrrr.

arrr whores all around maties!