Internet connection problem (cable)

Ok, I have an odd problem. My internet keeps disconnecting, even midsession. I use a cable connection with a wireless router. However, the wireless is not the issue, since it affects my main PC as well, which is directly connected through the router. I thought it was the cable, but when I called, they had me reset everything (which I had already done, but perhaps wrongly). First, I plugged the cable modem back in, then the router, then had to restart my PC and I could connect. For about an hour. Then it happened again. I reset everything again, and it didn’t work. So I tried it again, and it did work. Then it happened again. Reset? Didn’t work. Turn off BOTH PCs (didn’t do that the first time, when it worked, but what the hell). This worked, for about 30 minutes. Then it crashed again. This keeps happening. What might be the problem? Is my router going bad? A cable somewhere? I can’t figure it out.

Have you tried it without the router at all? What model is it? Updated firmware?

If you mean the cable modem, I can’t do that. It isn’t mine. Comcast owns it. As for the router, that’s a good idea, but I can’t get it to work. it’s an xterasys 2407G. When I try to run the update, it fails to find an open registry, or something like that. I’ve tried direct connecting, but that didn’t work either. However, I have my PC configured for the router. Would I need to adjust the network settings to connect straight through the cable modem?

(btw, it has crashed twice since I first started this topic).

My config uses a static IP (i’m actually troubleshooting the same problem right now - my router turns out to be flakey). If you have the same sort of setup then the following would work.

Go to SETTINGS\Network Connections\Local Area Network and select properties

then select tcp/ip and properties again

I assume you won’t have that information in hand. If you do use a static IP then you might be able to find the settings stored in your router or you can just call/email Comcast.

Some of the cable broadband companies are making changes in the way their networks are setup due to various security concerns. I know that Time Warner, for example, has changed a number of their markets over to a system which has their docsys 2.1 based cable modems pull a fresh IP address every 3 hours.

This can cause issues with your router when it doesn’t check for those changes quickly enough, but the router manufacturers are starting to release new firmware updates to compensate.

I’m not sure how much I trust an off-brand like Xterasys to produce a good wireless G router. I’d personally feel better with even a cheap Belkin wireless G.

Also, if you’re looking for Comcast specific forum support, try here.

Yeah, I am starting to think it is the router too. After the net conked out again last night, I picked it up and noticed it was very hot. So I unplugged it and let it sit overnight. Then I plugged it in this morning, and everything was fine. that was 10 minutes ago. When the net goes away again, I’ll check the heat again. It may be an electronic problem. But why would it just start overheating out of nowhere? Because it is cheap?

I will be moving in about a month. I may switch to DSL (because of the location…just not sure yet). If I buy a new router, will I use the same basic setup for DSL that I use for cable? I’ve never had a DSL network, so I haven’t looked up any information about them.

Incendiary, are you saying that using 64 is what helped you fix the problem? I’m not sure what settings you are recommending and why. Right now, the router gets the IP each time it connects. Again, this works fine for a while. I don’t think it would switch IPs in mid-session, but it is possible that it resets from time to time, which is causing a problem. Again though it just started doing this this week, and I have changed nothing on my end. Maybe a cable update, such as those Derek mentioned, is the culprit.

Have you checked the modem log? Sometimes its the cable companys problem and thats the first, and easiest, place to check.

It really doesn’t sound like a problem on your end.

“However, I have my PC configured for the router. Would I need to adjust the network settings to connect straight through the cable modem?”

No, unless it’s wireless. If you’re wired you just need to ask for an IP. Make sure you haven’t set up a static address. Next time it craps out, type in and see if you see something in the log.