Internet Multiplayer Games

A couple of my colleagues were looking to play games on the internet as a form of social gathering, maybe a simple strategy or card game, running off the browser (flash or shockwave would be fine).

Being the ‘game guy’ at my workplace, they asked me for a suggestion. I was stumped. Any recommendations for oldish people non-gamers trying to get a bit of multiplayer strategy puzzle gaming in on the internet?

Enemy Territ… oh wait.

How about Settlers of Catan?

If they don’t like it, they’re officially dead.

Hmm, will point them to it. Thanks!

Simple or free?

Moonbase commander is a fun, lightweight multi-player game.

It is the only multi-player game I can think of that isn’t geared towards more heavy duty gamers, or isn’t some kind of simple card game or board game you can play online.

You can go to your start menu and go under the games selection and see a bunch of Internet enabled games like hearts, spades, backgammon, checkers, and reversie (Othello).

Well, I’m looking forward to playing this:

Preferably both! I’m looking for browser-based because these people aren’t very IT-savvy, but want to play their games on the internet-thingy. The only thing I’m certain they would have is Internet Explorer, and that’s only because it’s pre-installed! I’m sure we know the type. =) They want to play with each other though, so that instant internet hookup game thing may not be what they’re looking for. May have to go commercial and off-browser, I suspect.

I’ll look at Moonbase Commander (for myself!). Heard great things about it from Penny Arcade back in the day.

Yeah, Moonbase Commander is a great lightweight game requiring both strategy and reflexes.

Back on topic, are these folks looking for browser-based games that they can play with each other, or do they simply want to play against other people?

  • Alan

They want to play with each other. I couldn’t figure out any browser-based game which actually let you pick an opponent from a room. I was guessing that given the breadth of exposure and experience of the people who frequent this board, someone would have come across something like that.

Poxnora isn’t out yet? Looks like an interesting game

Drawing games, like InkLink or Isketch may fit the bill. I have spent more time in Isketch, so I am certain you can make a room called “Qt3 Hosers Only” throw a password on it and have everyone navigate to that room. And then you and all your friends can draw pictures of penes/penises/penii without interupption.

The open beta has just started. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many people playing, so please all join so that I can play at least one game…