Internet Prescription Drugs

Brand name drugs are expensive and I know some here have medical conditions that are severe enough to require drugs that may cost an arm and a leg. Have any of you attempted online orders or ordering from outside the U.S.?

The wife needs Zofran (anti-nausea that does not knock you out to counter Chemo sickness). It costs 30 bucks a pill and insurance only covers a third. It works wonderfully and with considerably fewer side effects than the alternatives that have generic versions that we can afford. GlaxoSmithKline’s patent for Zofran was up June 24 of this year and one company was given the right to start distributing generic, but that may not begin until the end of the year. Maybe later if Glaxo continues litigation regarding patent infringement as they have over the past several years. Zofran contributes hundreds of millions to their coffers each year as an estimated 500,000 cancer patients use it.

Wondering if any of you have ordered brand name drugs at the crazy, low, low prices I have seen at some sites, which appear legit, but who the hell knows.

I would check into the generic again. I’ve read that generic brand companies ramp up production weeks before the patent is up, with the goal of getting them on the shelves the day after the patent expires.

I read there was some 180 Day exclusivity something-or-other that did not allow the generics to be sold once the patent was up. I dunno. Trying to get a crash course in the FDA pharmeceutical approval process and it is frustrating and confusing.

Here’s my thoughts, laymen though they are.


The FDA is a pretty respectable body which regulates drugs in the US. If the FDA approves something, you can be pretty sure it won’t kill you outright. If a problem is dicsovered later the FDA can recommend a recall (I’m not 100% sure they can enforce one though).

Drug companies, pharmacists, chain stores, mom and pop stores, and the like can be held accountable for the effects and/or prescription of drugs. If the local pharmacist gives you zoloft instead of cipro, you can sue them. They are more cautious and try to be more accurate because of this. Also, the chain of where the drugs came from is better tracked and accountable.

Because prescription drugs require a doctor to sign off, who is certified and licensed, there is also some accountability there. It is in a doctor’s best interest to prescribe you the correct medicine for the job. Godo doctors will also know when NOT to prescribe medicine (see the backlash right now against overprescribing antibiotics).

Conversely, you have absolutely no real recourse if you buy drugs overseas and get them shipped here. They are outside of our court system’s jusrisdiction. The can give you the wrong medicine, half stength (diluted) drugs, sugar pills, whatever.

If you care (I don’t), it also probably hurt the profits of American drug companies if you buy them this way.


Price, of course.

Not needing a precription means you can stock up on things. Especially anitbiotics and anti-radiation medicine. Disclosure: I bought some anti-radiation medicine and Cipro from a company that seemed reputable in Singapore, just in case (given where I live and work). I’d have to think hard about taking them if something happened, but at least it’s better than nothing.

You stick it to greedy drug companies (if you care).

Why do you need anti-rads and Cipro? You’ve got clerks to open your mail and in the event of a radiation bomb you’ll be evac’ed into a shelter with the other eight.