Internet security/cookies

I installed Little Snitch on my Mac (it tells you when stuff on your computer tries to send info out) and as soon as I started Safari it pops up with is calling out. I never go to that site (but apparently must have in a past search) and this was just opening Safari at its homepage.

So I assume this is some tracking cookie? How do I stop this stuff from even installing, short of not allowing cookies? If I block it in Little Snitch, it blocks the whole website. I installed Ghostery, will that do it?

Apologize for the new thread, didn’t see a past one that really fit.

I use Little Snitch as well. I just checked out that website and see no evidence of it attempting to phone out. It’s worth noting that web sites will generally need access to ports 80, 8080, and 443. I globally allow those ports to the browser, then occasionally deny access to individual sites. Even more occasionally I’ll give broader access to a domain that’s doing app-like things, such as

Might learn something from the Little Snitch dialog prompt it gave you for the site.

Interesting that it didn’t show anything for you from that site. Maybe it’s a periodic thing? I will have to see how often it shows up. It was the only odd thing that showed up, at least until I went to a site with lots of ads. I will have to take a closer look at what LS was saying, but a lot of this stuff is above my head.