Internet speed

I am very pleased with my ISP these days. I pay for a very good 90/90 Mbit/s connection, with a direct fiber into my house. I have been very satisfied with this connection since i got it half a year ago.

A couple of days ago, I bought a new mobile phone with support for 802.11AC, and after configuring the phone to use the 5GhZ WiFi, I wanted to test the speed. I know that the speedtest apps are not exactly precise, but I was pretty amazed by a result of 200 Mbit/s downstream. I went to my PC with a cabled connection to the router and got this:

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a fixed IP, since the 90/90 connection is good enough to host a small hobby server, that I have, until now, had hosted at a co-location hotel. It seems as if my ISP has made an error when assigning the address, deleting the limit on my download bandwidth. I hope they never detect this error :-).


I pay $72/mo after tax for nothing but 30/5 internet. It’s normally closer to ~20/4, but it’s currently 9:30AM on a Saturday and I’m working from home.

Of course, thanks to shitty connections between my ISP and content providers, streaming speed from services like Twitch, Youtube, and Netflix (you know, the three largest reasons why I have 30/5 service) are abysmal many days.

Wow, I kinda thought that bandwidth was pretty cheap in the US, compared with EU. I pay roughly the same for my connection ($73/month at today’s dollar price). Even at it’s nominal 90/90, it is a great connection. I work a lot from home, and the high upload speed was mostly what convinced me to go with this ISP. 90/90 is enough to keep two YouTube/Spotify/Netflix/… hungry teenagers well-fed and still leave a little bandwidth for the old gamer in the basement.

$40 for 60 MBps down here in Canada.

Remember that most US folks only have one or two choices at best for “high speed” service, many with regionally enforced monopolies. Sans price competition, and with profit-hungry investors to satisfy, there’s virtually no motivation for competitive pricing or features in 99% of US cities.

Screw you all with your highspeed internet. $90/mo for the above on a DSL2 service.

I get about 30/5 with Comcast and currently paying $30, which will go up in six months, at which point I call them again to knock it back down. Otherwise it jumps to $80.

We’re in an area where Comcast imposes a 300GB/mo data cap. That’s the part that really sucks.

Have you checked out Earthlink to see if they have cable internet where you are? We’re in the Charlotte area, and when I got tired of TWC raising rates on us, I looked around and found out Earthlink actually sells internet service through TWC, but at a cheaper rate. The only difference I noticed was when calling support I’m dealing with an extra layer, which doesn’t really matter because I only needed to once when I signed up, and once when my initial term ended.

It’s not 30/5, but I think I paid $29.95 for 6 months, then talked them into keeping me on at $34.95. I also don’t have any issues with Youtube or Netflix.

This is on Charter in West Michigan…and yes, it’s my only non-dialup option here. Like Armando said, the vast majority of the USA has no choice in broadband carrier. I pay $60/month. Charter keeps trying to push bundles on me of cable TV and/or phone service to go along with it, but I keep ignoring them.

$75/month (including $5/month modem rental) for 100/5 here. Just called them to get my price reduced; I had been overpaying at $113/month. Supposedly going to be upgraded to 300/20 for no additional cost in the next 3-4 months.

No caps.

$65 a month for RCN cable internet here 50mb/10mb. Way better than the $35 I was paying for 3mb/768kb for verizon dsl 9 months ago. Also no bandwidth caps!

Comcast Blast service, advertized at 105Mbps, for $77 per month.

My other options are $65 per month for 25/5 from Comcast or $40 per month for 3/1 from Century Link DSL. Not much competition for Comcast around here.

For you Comcast guys, is your internet service tied to cable TV? I get 30/5 from Comcast for ~$55, but a basic TV subscription ($22, plus associated fees) was—and still is, as far as I know—a required part of the deal.

We switched (late last week) to BT Infinity FTTC.
$45 (26GBP) per month.

But of course we’re still in the 10-day line training period and it’s rising slowly. (Also, it actually connects at like 10MBit faster, and I am seeing that with i.e. Steam!)

That’s up from the LLU ADSL2+ we had before, which got us 14/2.1 for $30

I have Midcontinent Cable, and I could swear that my Bundled Services used to be broken down on my monthly statements. It appears that is no longer so, as all it shows now is my total Bundled price, which is:
Basic Cable / MidcoNet Xstream 30/5 for $98.90 after the $5 bundle discount. Then, add $9.51 in Taxes and Surcharges, and Fees, and it’s $108.41.
No other discounts here, as I’ve been on this plan for like 12 years, and never bothered to try and negotiate better deal. I don’t know how. What do you have to do; Call them and threaten to quit? Because I’m horrible at lying, as I can’t quit. The only other option in town is DSL, with nothing approaching the speed I’ve already got.

Wanna feel better? Here’s my speed!

For this I pay $100 a month. I get better speeds from using a tethered iPhone, but that account is capped at 10 GB a month, whereas this one has no data cap.

That’s pretty grim, dude.

Sheesh. Where within 50 miles of Ashburn are you?

Yea, ouch. You can get “up to 16MBit” ADSL here, from credible companies, for 10GBP/month (often with a 3-6 month discount, on a year’s contract). (phone line rental is 16/month, no real way to get that cheaper, but still!)