Internet status monitor?

Here’s the situation: Our internet is 100 MB down, 3 MB up. For the most part I’ve been happy with the service, but I suspect that it cuts out at random times. For example, my wife just noticed that her internet was gone for a couple of minutes in the middle of a FB chat with our daughter.

Most of the time I won’t notice a, say, 30 second or 1 minute outage. But I’d like data to share with my provider (local, very good, very receptive and responsive.)

Is there some kind of software I can use, free preferably, to record the internet status full time for hours at a time? One that will give me charts and/or data that I can use with my provider in case there is indeed something going on to give me occasional short term outages?


I’ve used PingPlotter in the past for similar reasons.

Wow geez still going 10 years later, I wrote about PingPlotter in 2006…

Thanks, trying it out now.