Interview about Sea Dogs 2... er, Pirates of the Caribbean

They seem to be trying very hard to hide the fact that they repurposed Sea Dogs 2 halfway through development. :-)

Thanks for the link. I wonder why they didn’t simply say so. It could only attract more attention to the game (i.e. the folks who liked Sea Dogs, but don’t make the mental connection to PotC).


This would be like if me and my wife had announced midway through her pregnancy that the original baby was “on hold” and then immediately announced that there would be a “new baby” that was already 4.5 months along.

Everybody would say three things about this announcement:

  1. It’s the same baby.

  2. This must be some kind of “baby marketing” gimmick

  3. I heard that the movie that the new baby is “based on” is gonna suck.

Yup. That’s exactly what it would be like.


Staying alive, staying alive!

If I was there right now I’d open my mouth like I was gonna say something, then change my mind and just stare at you from the corner of my eyes.

If I was there right now I’d open my mouth like I was gonna say something, then change my mind and just stare at you from the corner of my eyes.[/quote]

Do you mean the “I’m looking at this guy sideways because he is really a freak and I don’t actually want to turn my head in his direction because he might strike up a conversation with me and that would be scary” kind of staring at me from the corner of my eyes, or do you mean the “my eyes don’t work right” kind of staring at me from the corner of my eyes?

Staying alive, staying alive!


BTW these two quotes are the most telling about what happened to Sea Dogs 2 :

AT: First off, will we ever see Sea Dogs 2?

A: It’s not currently in development, so there isn’t much point in talking about it. The game we’re making is Pirates of the Caribbean. A lot of work from the last couple years has gone into Pirates, and so anyone who was looking forward to playing Sea Dogs 2 will find that Pirates of the Caribbean offers exactly the kind of game they wanted.


AT: Could you reveal more details about the game’s storyline? Is the plot closely tied to the upcoming movie?

A: The storyline of the game takes place in the same place, and around the same time, as the movie. It is NOT based on the movie’s plot at all. Certainly there will be things from the movie that you’ll see in the game, but we aren’t trying to exactly replicate the story of the movie. We’re making a good RPG where you get to be a captain during this age and play a good guy or bad guy as you see fit. The main story involves a quest to find a mythical artifact said to possess great power…

I don’t know but I get the distinct impression that Akella isn’t happy about the name change. <shrug>

The genius of marketing. :evil:

I wish they would just be honest, I have zero interest in a Pirates of the Carribean game but would probably get Sea Dogs 2 if the reviews indicated the bugs that finally made me give up on Sea Dogs were gone.

So why don’t they just tell those who were waiting for SD2 if this is the same game?

Because those looking to buy a Pirates of the Carribean movie product wouldn’t know the difference anyway…

Tips to the interviewer, ask: “Is this the same game?”,and if they refuse to answer, report that.

My god, I was thinking the exact same thing. SD2/Pirates looks good and all, but the most interesting aspect of the game has become the name change, and yet they barely touch on it. Horrible.

LOL the answer to the question ‘…will we ever see Sea Dogs 2’ is hilarious.


I think the best hope for Sea Dogs 2 is if some fan mods POTC to remove the Pirates of the Carribean references (which hopefully will be minimal). :)

This is such a sham and coming from Bethesda, I’m a tad shocked. But hey, everyone has to survive I suppose.

I mean, who do they think they’re kidding? How can POTC be in development for many years, when the movie only took about six months (last time I checked) to make and was in production during 2002?

They [Bethesda] saw a chance to make some money by re-branding the game and I just don’t understand why they just don’t say it. SD was not a best seller so the franchise brand name is probably worthless to them. If it was worth anything, they’d never rebrand it because publishers (and any sane industry business person) don’t kid around when it comes to brand name recognition.

Then again, given the past rift and friction between Akella (I was shocked when I heard that Bethesda was going to even do SD2) and Bethesda, it won’t be long now before we get to hear what really happened.

Sea Dogs 2 by any other name, is still SD2. Damn publishers. :roll:

Like I’ve said before, this whole thing is silly, but if it works out for Akella and Bethsoft then “whatever.”

Fans of Sea Dogs will probably be pleased and doophuses who don’t know any better and buy the game because of the movie/ride/disneymeme connection will probably be please too.